Purchasing Tools

PO Query

An online application that allows you to search for vendors, stockroom inventory, vouchers and existing purchase orders.
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Request for Payment Form

Request for Payment Form
Use this form to request payment to self, vendor or visa card for items purchased.

Missing Receipt Affidavit Form

Missing Receipt Affidavit Form
Use this form if you have lost a receipt required for reimbursement.

Contractor Forms

Purchase Requisition

Electronic copy of the Purchase Requisition with fillable fields


Contractor Contract

This is the master contract between the contractor and WHOI... It should be filled out by procurement and signed by the contractor...

This document must be submitted along with Independent Contractor Exhibit A and, Independent Contractor Exhibit B.

It must be signed by the contractor and, submitted to


Contractor Exhibit A (S.O.W.)

 This is Exhibit A or a Statement of work to be completed with both the requisitioner and, the contractor.  This document spells out the deliverables and expectations of the contractor.

You can use this exhibit to update a contract already in place.

It must be signed by the contractor and, submitted to

Contractor Exhibit B

This is Exhibit B

This exhibit allows the contractor to lay claim to previous works and patents.

This document must be submitted along with the Independent Contractor Contract

It must be signed by the contractor and, submitted to


Classification Checklist A Form (completed by the requisitioner)
This form assists the Institution in determining whether the individual performing the services will be classified for tax purposes as an employee of WHOI or as an independent contractor.
(WEB FORM) Justification for Single/Sole and Urgent Purchases Form
This form is to be completed by the requistioner when a single/sole source or urgent purchase is required.
SOS Program Forms
W.B. Mason Printing Services Form

W.B. Mason Internet Ordering Setup Request Form

Newark-In-One Web Ordering Registration Form

Fisher Scientific Web Ordering Registration Form

Sigma-Aldrich Web Ordering Registration Form

Bottled Water Order Form

Sigma-Aldrich Quick Reference Guide (pdf)

Corp Brothers Registration Form (pdf)