Employee Reimbursements via Paycheck

Institution Note

Laurie Murphy
Director, Treasury Operations


Reimbursement Payments Issued Through Bi-Weekly Paychecks – Effective September 30, 2011

In an effort to streamline efficiencies and address a request made by many employees, Finance and Administration will be implementing a change to the employee reimbursement process.   Effective with the paycheck of September 30, 2011, reimbursements will now be included with your paycheck.

Reimbursements Include – Travel reimbursements, other incidental costs incurred for WHOI business, computer loans, and education loans – all reimbursements will be made via your paycheck, however, exceptions will always be accommodated to make certain no hardships occur and science programs are not negatively impacted.

The Process Does Not Change –The required documents and process have not changed – employees will continue to submit requests for reimbursement for payment to the appropriate administrative offices.  Reimbursements, just as now, will not be treated as income.

The goal with this and many other changes is to improve administrative processes for employees – we hope by providing your reimbursement via your paycheck this will reduce travel time to the WHOI cash office and to your bank.

Last updated: September 15, 2011