Conflict of Interest

All individuals associated with the Institution are governed by the most current Conflicts of Interest Policy.  In addition, prior to consummation of a procurement relationship, ethical considerations require members of the Institution involved in any part of the procurement process be responsible for full disclosure to the Institution of any potential conflicts of interest.  As delineated in the Conflicts of Interest Policy, acquisition from a business in which an employee has an interest is prohibited unless full disclosure of the background facts is presented in writing and subsequently approved.  In cases where a potential conflict exists, it is important to handle transactions competitively at an "arm's length," business like basis.  A list of the current year reported Conflict Of Interest  can be found here: Conflict of Interest List.  When using a firm that there is a known conflict, the requester must submit a "Conflict of Interest" form with their Purchase Requisition or Request For Payment.

A Conflict of Interest form is completed when doing business with a company that is classified as "Conflict of Interest."  This form is available under the Forms & Tools section of this website or by clicking on the followng link:  Conflict of Interest Form

Additionally, individuals may not accept - directly or indirectly - payments, loan services, travel, gifts or entertainment with a value of more than $250.00 from any supplier or company with which the Institution conducts or may conduct business.

Last updated: October 11, 2010