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» Fisher Scientific Website

WHOI and Fisher Scientific would like to offer you direct access to ordering your laboratory, chemical, safety and third party supplies via the Internet. WHOI employees are eligible to receive discounted prices not reflected in Fisher's catalog when ordering online through Fisher's website. This well designed web site can be used to order over 20,000 Fisher supplied items. The website has an excellent search engine which, among it's many capabilities, cross-references part numbers from 100's of manufacturers, enabling you to easily locate just about anything needed to keep you lab running smoothly. Item descriptions include detailed specifications & and in most cases, pictures of the supply items. If you would like to expedite the processing of your orders by ordering on line directly, we encourage all employees to sign up (see "Registration: below).

Note: Web orders are not reflected in PO Query, but will appear in FSR. Web transactions are automatically billed to and paid for by the project number or cost center you supply for each order (see "Order Processing" below).

This automated billing and payment process is called an SOS program.

What is part of the SOS program?

  • General Laboratory
  • Chemical Supply
  • Safety Supply
  • Account Number 890500-002
  • Tracks Project Number, Object Code and Cost Center
  • Dollar limit per Order is $1,000.00


Fisher Scientific Representatives

Victoria Themuda

Sales Representative

Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific

3970 Johns Creek Court | Suwanee, GA 30024

Mobile: 401 302 0036 |

Internet Technical Support
Phone: (877) 885-2081

Reference WHOI Account number for Web Ordering (ONLY): 890500-002

  1. Call (508) 289-2376 or email for a Registration Form. Please supply your fax number and mail stop. Note registration is available only through Procurement; on-line registration will not be accepted by Fisher. Regarding Registration Form:
    1. Username and Password are case sensitive. If you forget either, call (508) 289-2376.
    2. Please see your Department Administrator for approval of web ordering if required.
  2. Fax your completed form to (508) 457-2179.
  3. The validation process of the user name and password will be within 24 hours; you will receive emailed confirmation of registration from Procurement.

Site Login
  2. At the Login screen, enter user name and password.
  3. Click on "LOG IN".
  4. Note your browser must be set to accept cookies, or you cannot access website. You are now at your Personal Home Page that displays your name.

Order Processing
The following is a basic description of simple order processing. Other more advanced order processing tools and services available through the Fisher Scientific Website are Rapid Order, Hot List, MSDS Sheets, Order Templates, Power Search, Substructure Search, what's New, etc. Details regarding these options are available in the Fisher Website Short Cut Card and User Manual, which will be sent to upon registration via interoffice mail from Procurement.
  1. To select or search for items: from the Personal Home page select enter a keyword, Fisher Catalog number, or manufacturer part number in the search box.
  2. Click on "Go".
  3. Scroll to desired item.
  4. Enter quantity requested in "Qty" box.
  5. Click on "Add to Shopping Cart". Your item will appear abbreviated in "Shopping Cartlet" on left of webpage.
  6. To obtain more items, repeat from step#1.
  7. When order is complete, click on "Checkout" on "Shopping Cartlet".
  8. Shopping Cart Screen will display. Review order. If you would like to revise, select option under "Options" above "Total".
  9. Click on "Checkout".
  10. Check Out Screen will display. The information you supplied in you registration form should automatically display, with the following exceptions:
    1. "Purchase Order" box: Enter project number or cost center you would like to charge this order to. Note orders cannot be split between 2 or more accounts; a separate order will need to be entered for each account number.
    2. "Shipping" drop-down menu: Select shipping option. Note any delivery that is not "regular delivery" or "ship sure today" may include shipment charges.
    3. Caller ID box: Enter your first initial and first 4 letters of last name.
    4. Object Code Box: The default is 5210; change if otherwise.
  11. Click on : "Checkout Review" All selections will be displayed for final review.
  12. Click on "Send Order". Your order confirmation information will be displayed. You may wish to print this screen in the event you do not receive an automated order confirmation response via email.
  13. Automated response will appear within 2 minutes of order competition.

How to Process Replacements
The end-user should notify the Customer Service Representative, if a replacement were needed, the Customer Service Representative would process accordingly. An invoice will be generated for the replacement. If the item was damaged or not in working order, a credit will be issued upon the return of the item and a new invoice will be generated for the replacement.

How to Process Returns
The end-user must obtain a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) number from the Customer Service Representative. This number should be written on all shipping documents. DO NOT WRITE on the cartons. Once the RGA # is obtained, the end-user should contact the Receiving personnel to advise of a pick up to be returned. Returns must be made within 60 days of issuance of the Return Goods Authorization number. Return shipments of hazardous materials must be packed, marked, labeled and shipped in accordance with regulations. One the item (s) is received at the Fisher Warehouse, the credit will be systematically generated. These credits will either appear on the next billing cycle or as a paper credit memo, depending upon the original requisition involved.

Other Site Functionality
  • Order Status (Personal home page and ordering)
    • View current status of all existing orders for the account, regardless of ordering method.
    • Provide status of existing orders in a list format. The user may click the Details button to get line item details, including shipping and billing information.
  • Help (Home Page and Navigational bar on all pages)
  • Support (Home Page and Navigational bar on all pages)
    • Health & Safety Information, FAQ’s, Fisher Services Division, Literature, Y2K Compliance, Legal Statement.
    • Email forms for customer service, technical help; and site feedback.
  • Site map (Home Page and Navigational bar on all pages)
    • Tool to assist user with site navigation.

Last updated: May 22, 2017