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Goals, Objectives and Features of the Catalog
W.B. Mason Company, in a cooperative effort with the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution's Procurement Department, has developed and printed this catalog and accompanying order forms for your exclusive use. It is our goal that this catalog, containing 2600 items, will satisfy all of your office supply needs, with minimal consultation of the large catalog. If a department has special supply needs not found in this catalog, contact the Procurement Department for ordering assistance. By printing the Institution's actual buy prices for each item, we hope that you will be able to keep a close watch on budgets. By highlighting contract items it is our goal to show you the cost savings that can be achieved with the use of these items.

  • 2600 items are contained in this catalog. These items represent the top used items in the office supply industry.
  • The catalog is in full color, with full descriptions.
  • Products are displayed in an alphabetical format by product category (ie., E section for envelopes, L for labels, etc.)
  • There is a user friendly two page index at back.
  • The most exclusive feature is that every item has Woods Hole's net, delivered price printed next to it. These are the Institution's actual prices, with manufacturer's list prices also shown.
  • Also, all the Woods Hole Oceanographic's contracted items are shaded in gray, with the contract price next to the item.
  • The order form has a catalog page listed so that you can locate these items easily in this catalog.
  • Page 4-5 of this introductory section has a list of some of woods Hole's exclusive items that do not appear in the catalog, but have significant usage at the Institution.
  • Reminder - The greatest cost savings are obtained by purchasing contract, or shaded, items in this catalog.
  • Products required and not found in this catalog, with the exception of office equipment, forms, letterhead, and envelopes, are considered special items and can be ordered at the bottom of the Office Supply Order form. All office equipment must be ordered on a purchase requisition if $500.00.

Procedures for Ordering Supplies
Some reminders that should be noted:
  • Order as often as you like.
  • All orders will be delivered next day, desk top.  
  • Do not order furniture or major office equipment 
  • Once you have received your order please read the packing slip carefully. It will indicate the status of all products ordered.
  • Note: If your order falls on a holiday, your order must be placed two days in advance of the holiday to insure uninterrupted delivery, ie., Monday holiday, your order should be placed by Thursday.

Return and Short Shipments
  • When returning products for credit because they were damaged in transit, ordered incorrectly or if you received the wrong product; call customer service for a return authorization number, the driver will pick up all returns. A W.B. Mason representative will be at the Institution on a weekly basis to reconcile any and all discrepancies. Please note, all products must remain in their original package. No returns are allowed without the packing slips and must be returned within 30 days of receipt of the order.
  • Should you receive a short shipment or a wrong color or size, indicate the problem on the packing slip and call for a return authorization number and pick up, and the vendor will correct the problem.


Deliveries will be made too desktop by W.B. Mason personnel. W.B. Mason driver is required to obtain a signature upon making every delivery. Should you not be in your office when the driver attempts delivery, please have someone designated to sign, or the package will be delivered to the Receiving department.

Last updated: December 28, 2016