Contractor Forms

How to for Independent Contractors

Please provide Procurement with the following forms for an Independent Contractor (IC)

  • WHOI Purchase Requisition (please fill out all fields)
  • A Quote/Statement of Work from the IC
  • Classification Checklist A
  • If the work is >$9,999 Justification for Single/Sole and Urgent Purchases form or, three bids (lowest bid selected)

We will need to understand and document the expectations of the Independent Contractor/WHOI relationship  

  • What do you want them to do for WHOI?
  • What compensation are they expecting?

The Contract between WHOI and the contractor should spell out expectations

  • Statement of Work (or WHOI Exhibit A) should spell out your expectations from the IC.  Procurement can assist you with this.
  • If the contractor is doing more than one project, we can add additional Statements of Work or Exhibit A documentation to the contract. Procurement can assist you with this.

We need to understand the relationship between WHOI and the Independent Contractor to avoid conflict of interest

Expenses for Independent Contractors are reimbursed with the same policies that govern WHOI employees

Independent Contractor Forms

Checklist A (Completed by the Requisitioner)

Refreshed form for 2018

The form will download in WORD

This form assists the Institution in determining whether the individual performing the services will be classified for tax purposes as an employee of WHOI or as an independent contractor. Please fill out the first page and submit this with your requisition.


There is advanced diligence with Independent Contractors and approvals from Procurement and Human Resources are required prior to engagement. As such no Independent Contractor relationship or agreement should be entered into without prior written authorization from Procurement and Human Resources.

Contractor Contract (Completed by Procurement)

This is a represenatative sample of the master contract between the contractor and WHOI... This contract should be filled out by Procurement and signed by the contractor...

Contractor Exhibit A (S.O.W.)

A Statement of Work is required for all Independent Contractors.  Many contractors will have the statement of work included in their quote or, as a stand-alone document which can simply be labeled Exhibit A. 
If not provided (by the vendor) this form can be utilized to generate a Statement of Work
The Exhibit A document should spell out the deliverables and expectations of the contractor.
You may use this exhibit to update a contract already in place.
It must be signed by the contractor and, submitted to

Contractor Exhibit B

This is Exhibit B

This exhibit allows the contractor to lay claim to previous works and patents.

This document must be submitted along with the Independent Contractor Contract

It must be signed by the contractor and, submitted to