Authorization Matrix Transaction Authorization to Expend Funds Form

Authorization Matrix Transaction
Authorization to Expend Funds Form

Please enter the information below to make additions or changes to the Authorization Matrix Transaction Authorization Form.  Select the "Printable Form" button to return a page which is your Authorization Matrix Transaction Authorization form.  Print the form, complete the signatures, and send the form to Procurement mail (MS#1) or fax (508) 457-2192.

The procurement process requires that only designated individuals have authority  to approve vouchers or requisition goods/services.  Only those individuals listed  below have this authority on the projects/cost centers and object codes noted  and up to the specified dollar limit. If an individual is authorized to  voucher or requisition goods and/or services to all departmental projects/costs  centers and object codes, please print "All" in the project/cost center   and object code columns.  (Note: Excludes procurement card  purchases for which an authorized card holder may purchase up to $2,500  without additional approval.)

Printed Name Title Project/Cost Center Object Code Dollar Limit Signature

Last updated: January 3, 2018