West Marine

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Ordering System
West Marine is a marine retailer/wholesaler with outlets throughout the country. As a corporate customer, WHOI receives deep discounts and, in Massachusetts, tax exempt status.

There are two ways to purchase at West Marine:

WHOI Credit Card - Holders of a WHOI Credit Card can purchase items at West Marine stores throughout the country and receive wholesale discounts. When checking out, simply tell the Clerk this is a Woods Hole Oceanographic purchase. The WHOI credit card, issued by Accounts Payable, is the only method of payment acceptable. Use of a personal credit card will be charged at the full retail price.

WHOI Charge Account - Authorized individuals may charge purchases totaling no more than $5,000 at the Falmouth outlet only. To charge items to WHOI at the Scranton Street store, the purchaser must ask to see the manager on duty. He/she will request to see the "West Marine Charge Card" issued by the Procurement Office (cards are provided to the WHOI community on a limited basis.) The purchaser will be asked to provide the account (project 8 digits) or cost center (5 digits) at the time of purchase. Retain your receipt for your departmental records. Actual billing documentation will occur centrally.

Any questions concerning these ordering systems should be directed to Sandra Sherlock, Marine Procurement Representative (508) 289-3549 or the West Marine Representative, Amy Frederick, at 831-761-4952 or toll free 800-621-6885 then option 5 for Government/Insudtrial sales. Ypu can also email Amy at

Last updated: February 12, 2016