SOS (Speedy Order System) Programs

To help facilitate the ordering of small dollar supplies, the Procurement Department provides the community with a number of Speedy Order Systems (SOS). Supplies eligible for SOS programs are those where the volume of small dollar purchases for a year's period are greater than $30,000, when we are able purchase the supplies from a single source and where suppliers are willing to offer discounts based on the total volume of purchases over the course of a defined period of time. An SOS program can be designed for a single requester's needs or for the entire community.

The key to an SOS program is to decrease the complexity of order and payment systems while maintaining competitive pricing. We structure the SOS programs to take advantage of technology in decreasing the cost to the Institution for processing. Pricing is based, not on the individual purchase of a supply item, but the total cost of the group supplies over time. As an example, a particular item, say a pen, may cost a few pennies more from the SOS supplier than another source but the cost of another item, Purchase Post It Notes, cost a nickel less. Over the course of the SOS agreement, the total cost of procuring pens and Purchase Post It Notes is less. In addition, through the use of technology, the cost to process a transaction, your time in ordering and the Institution's time in processing payment, is decreased.

SOS agreements are just that, agreements between WHOI and a supplier to do business in a certain way. Unlike an annual contract, the quantity of purchases is not locked in. The SOS agreement does not guarantee the supplier any volume of business but does require the Procurement Team to encourage the use of the SOS for that supply group whenever possible. If you do not wish to use an SOS program for a particular supply category, please let your Procurement Team member know and we will try to accommodate your needs.

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Last updated: September 25, 2007