Disadvantage Businesses Enterprise Program

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution holds a unique position in the research community. It has the capacity to influence people beyond its immediate boundaries and has an obligation to render leadership in areas of both public and governmental concern.

WHOI has championed the cause and exhibited its leadership in the area of equal opportunity. The Institution continues to make every effort to promote diversity throughout its research, engineering and administrative populations but must also recognize that special efforts are needed to increase the level of participation by disadvantaged businesses in the Institution's procurement process. Everyone involved in this process is responsible for creating a climate that encourages disadvantaged enterprises to compete for WHOI's business and for eliminating any barriers that might impede this participation. Disadvantaged enterprises do not expect special consideration. They do expect equal access.

The Procurement Department is responsible for maintaining appropriate records of disadvantaged businesses' participation in our procurement activities and reporting it to appropriate internal and external constituents. It is further charged with identifying qualified disadvantaged businesses and introducing them to the WHOI community through outreach programs. You are encouraged to share your successes with disadvantaged businesses with the Procurement Department so that others may benefit from your experiences.

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Last updated: September 25, 2007