Meals Per Diem Rates


Within the 48 contiguous states. Average $57.00 a day. No receipts required:

Breakfast $10.00
Lunch $17.00
Total $57.00

GSA Rate

Travelers may use the GSA approved per diem meal rates from the GSA web site listed below for their travel on a per trip basis.  Please note the entire trip must use the selected rates (i.e. multi city trips must use either the GSA rate of the WHOI rate for the entire trip.  Travelers may not use GSA for one leg and WHOI for another.)  No receipts required.

U.S. General Services Administration Per Diem Rates


Per diem rates outside of the 48 contiguous states are calculated in conjunction with the Department of State's "Maximum Travel Per Diem Allowances For Foreign Areas" which is published monthly.

Choose the month that corresponds to the time of travel, using the applicable meal rate.

Breakfast  M rate x 20%
Lunch  M rate x 30%
M rate x 50%
--- -------------

Last updated: May 12, 2011