Meals Per Diem Rates


Within the 48 contiguous states. Average $57.00 a day. No receipts required:

Breakfast $10.00
Lunch $17.00
Total $57.00

U.S. General Services Administration Per Diem Rates

U.S. companies and organizations use the per diem rate guide published by the General Services Administration, which provides rates for a number of cities in the United States. Please be mindful (GSA) guidance is for federal agency use therefore WHOI is not allowed to seek guidance from GSA, but can refer to the GSA tables for per-diem.



Per diem rates outside of the 48 contiguous states are calculated in conjunction with the Department of State's "Maximum Travel Per Diem Allowances For Foreign Areas" which is published monthly.

Choose the month that corresponds to the time of travel, using the applicable meal rate.

Breakfast  M rate x 20%
Lunch  M rate x 30%
M rate x 50%
--- -------------

Last updated: August 8, 2016