In order to be reimbursed for expenses incurred or to substantiate travel advances and prepaid expenses, a traveler must submit a signed Travel Expense Voucher accompanied by appropriate receipts. The completed Travel Expense Voucher and receipts should be submitted to Accounts Payable within 10 days of the traveler's return from each trip. 

Individuals must attempt to obtain a copy of the original receipt from the vendor for all travel costs in excess of $75.  Missing receipt affidavits must be signed by both the individual and authorized signer with a complete explanation of the expense if a copy of the receipt is unobtainable.

Any non-employee paid via Travel Expense Voucher must complete a Form W-9 before issuing payment.  The W-9 serves as confirmation of non-employee's taxpayer identification number (as employees do when preparing a Form W-4).


Approval must be obtained from the person with budgetary responsibility for the project(s) to be charged, and a Department Administrator/Chairperson or Group Manager. The authorizing signature indicates that the charges are proper.


Travel Related Expenses (EFFECTIVE MARCH 8, 2010)

                                       Receipts and stubs

The original or scanned copy of the following receipts and/or stubs must be submitted with the travel expense voucher:

     a.  receipts for all airline expenses; 
  receipts for all rental car expenses; 
receipts for local transportation costing $75 or more; 
receipts for each miscellaneous expense costing $75 or more; 
receipts for all lodging expenses incurred on travel,
receipts for each meal and incidental expense costing $75 or more when 
        claiming actual subsistence expenses; and 
receipts for a gift costing $25 or more provided to a host.

Non-Travel Related Expense Reimbursement

Request for Payments to a vendor must include an invoice for all expenses.  Please forward the Request for Payment form and invoice to the Procurement Office, MS# 1.

Miscellaneous Expenses (EFFECTIVE MARCH 8, 2010) 

KAUST transactions will not apply as it has its own requirements.

When tickets (i.e., airline, train, bus) are purchased directly by the traveler via personal cash or credit card (not issued by the Institution) and reimbursement is claimed on the Expense Voucher, please provide receipt showing proof of payment and ticket stubs. Reimbursement will be made provided the cost claimed meets the most economical fare test.

Business meals that are to be reimbursed for actual costs rather than on a per diem basis require receipts and an itemized list of individuals present.

Per Diem

When seeking reimbursement for meals on a per diem basis please specify the number of meals claimed. If you are calculating Foreign per diem, please refer to the State Department rates.
» Meals Per Diem Rate
» Foreign Per Diem Rates


Expenses claimed that exceed your travel advance will be reimbursed within five to ten working days of receipt of your Travel Expense Voucher. Balances unpaid over fifteen days will be payroll deducted and stop future advance requests until the amount has been paid in full.

When traveling for other organizations (3rd party) and expenses have been incurred by WHOI it is the travelers responsibility to reimburse the Institution within 30 days. If you receive a travel advance that was greater than the expenses claimed, attach a check to the voucher for the amount owed.

All reimbursements of Travel Expense Vouchers will be in U.S. dollars. If an expense voucher states foreign currency, Accounts Payalbe will convert to U.S. dollars using the exchange rate effective at the time of travel. If the traveler has converted the foreign monies into U.S. dollars the exchange rate used must be documented on the expense form.
» GSA Travel Management Policy
» Currency Converters

Business Conference Costs

If reimbursement is claimed, receipts are required regardless of the amount. A separate memo attached to the Travel ExpenseVoucher must give the names of all guests, the Institution employees in attendance, purpose and location. Receipted expenses may involve facilities rental, luncheon or dinner costs.


For questions post travel expenses (expense vouchers and reimbursements), please contact Colleen Tuson at  or (508) 289-3267.

Last updated: September 3, 2014