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WHOI Accounts Payable/Travel

The Accounts Payable/Travel office's main responsibility is to ensure WHOI traveler's get all the information they need for traveling and having a good travel experience. In addition the Travel office provides the following services:

  • Processing all travel and credit card reimbursements
  • Assisting with credit card and travel account reconciliations
  • Facilitating and maintaining the Travel/Corpoate Card program
  • Helping the Travel Agency understand the WHOI traveler
  • Working with the Travel Agency to negotiate and coordinate with  travel suppliers
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies
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Traveler's Checklist

Planning a trip?  A good place to start is by reviewing our traveler's checklist.
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Traveler's Checklist

To help you navigate arranging and completing a successful business trip, Accounts Payable offers these six steps. We hope this will help you in completing your travel.

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1. Create an estimate of your travel
• Remember, this is strictly an estimate and does not need to include actual cost.
• Be sure to include ground transportation cost, hotel cost and per diem cost in your estimate.
• Our recommended travel agency, Carlson Wagonlit Travel can assist you in creating these estimates.

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2. Generate a Travel Authorization Form and secure appropriate approvals
This form is also used to request a travel advance when needed. Forward the white copy of this form to Accounts Payable at MS#1.

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» Advance Request & Travel Authorization Form
3. Contact agent or utilize online booking tool to obtain your travel reservation
Carlson Wagonlit is the recommended agency for booking project related travel. When traveling for WHOI (i.e. charged to a cost center), using Carlson Wagonlit for your travel planning is required. In either case, your travel consultant will ask you to provide the following information at the time of booking:
  1. Travel Authorization Log Number (upper right hand corner of form)
  2. Funding Source (Project/Cost Center) Remember ONR International Travel requires 90 days PRIOR approval by ONR. Submit this request via your Dept. Administrator well in advance of your travel.
  3. The use of certified U.S. flag carriers is required by our federal sponsors, except under limited circumstances.  If conditions are not met the use of discretionary funds will be required for reimbursement.
  4. Department Number
  5. Credit card number or Tracking Number when appropriate (see below)
When submitting vouchers, please do not include the cost of airfare when an airline ticket is purchased through Carlson Wagonlit Travel. The information provided to the agency and the Travel Authorization Form will be matched, allowing the tickets to be paid for in advance of the travel.  All ticket costs, change fees and additional collections, outside of Carlson Wagonlit Travel should be included on your expense report and paid either to you or your Corporate Visa. There are occasions when a traveler may not possess a WHOI Travel Card. These individuals may charge airline tickets to a credit card account managed by the Accounts Payable staff. To gain access to this account, simply call Accounts Payable prior to contacting Carlson Wagonlit Travel. You must provide the Accounts Payable staff a Travel Authorization Form log number and the account to be charged. You will be given a "Tracking Number" to be used for booking.

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» Travel Authorization
» Advance Request & Travel Authorization Form
» Travel/Corporate Card
4. If charge becomes due prior to actual dates of travel
If it is anticipated that a charge will become due prior to actual dates of travel, the traveler should submit an Expense Voucher with receipts for the "pre-paid" items and note in the special handling box that these are "pre-trip" expenses.

5. During travel, keep an accurate record of your expenses and collect all receipts
Receipts are vital to completing a travel voucher and receiving reimbursement for all expenses.

6. Upon completion of your travel, process a Travel Voucher.
Making notation of any pre-paid expenses and including original receipts for those items. The greater the time between the end of your travel and the submission of a travel voucher, the greater the chances for an omission of expenses.

We hope that by following these simple steps your travel can be as enjoyable as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Colleen Tuson at or (508) 289-3267.

Last updated: July 17, 2014