Purchasing Overview


The primary responsibilities of the Procurement Department are the purchase and payment of goods and services and providing these services to the WHOI community.  

Our goal is to guide the WHOI community with policies and procedures of these processes assist you your procurement needs. 

The following pages are here to help guide you with acquisition policies, procedures and practices WHOI has adopted. In developing these policy and procedures we try to ensure conformity with federal and private funding agencies. Our purchasing and payment system has been approved by the Department of Navy Research and conforms to the requirement of government funded purchases.

The Purchasing staff is ready, willing and able to perform any and all processes required to acquire your needs in a timely cost effective manner.

We hope you find these pages informative. Please feel free to contact the purchasing team with questions or comments about this site.

Learn more about:

» Goods & services
» Independent contractors
» Supplier information
» Managing bids & negotiating prices
» Ordering & purchasing goods & services
» Receipt & payment
» Regulations, policies, terms & conditions
» Purchasing forms & tools
» Purchasing staff: contact information

Last updated: January 14, 2015