Ordering & Purchasing Goods & Services

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution recognizes the diverse needs of its community and invites employees to engage in an active procurement process. In order to maintain compliance with the rules and regulations that govern procurement for WHOI, there are a number of considerations that employees need to consider.

Purchasing Methods

Information on the different ways that you can order and purchase goods and services. Includes information on request for payment, and purchase orders.

SOS Programs

To help facilitate the ordering of small dollar supplies, the Procurement department provides the community with a number of Speedy Order Systems (SOS).

Tax Status

WHOI is a 501(C)(3) Tax Exempt organization. This status allows the Institution to seek exemption from sales tax in states where we purchase items for use in the host state.

Object Codes

A list of the different cost center and project object codes used when purchasing goods and services.

Conflict of Interest

All individuals associated with the Institution are governed by the most current Conflicts of Interest Policy. In addition, prior to consummation of a procurement relationship, ethical considerations require members of the Institution involved in any part of the procurement process be responsible for full disclosure to the Institution of any potential conflicts of interest.