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Polar Profiling Floats: Real Time Data and Plots




Intermediate Files

Map of float locations

Map showing the location of the deployed Polar Profiling Floats. Each colored dot represents the position as recorded after each successful data transmission to shore via satellite.

Red dots show the recorded surfacing positions of float #3250 deployed from icebreaker Oden in the Beaufort Sea. This float is drifting towards the Chukchi Borderlands, probably within the circulation of the Beaufort Gyre. The yellow dot shows the only recorded position of float #4320 which was deployed in 100% ice cover just on the flank of the Gakkel Ridge. White dots show float #2320 deployed in the inflow of Atlantic Water north of Svalbard. This float is now being advected into the Arctic Basin and is currently following topography into the St. Anna Trough (see Arctic Ocean Boundary Current project page).