Tectonic and Climatic Evolution of the Arabian Sea Region

Geological Society of London, Special Publication # 195

Edited by P.D. Clift, D. Kroon, C. Gaedicke, and J. Craig

Table of contents

Regional Tectonics 
Royer, J.Y.    Paleogene plate tectonic evolution of the Arabian Sea and Eastern Somali Basin
Gaedicke, C.    Structure and dynamic evolution of the Indian-Arabian plate boundary off Pakistan: new evidences from correlation of key horizons
Uchupi, E.    Sedimentology and tectonics of the Gulf of Oman
Chaubey, A.    Paleogene magnetic isochrons and paleo-propagators in the Arabian and Eastern Somali basins, Northwest Indian Ocean
Vita Finzi, C.    Neotectonics on the Arabian Sea Coasts
Clift, P.    Constraints on India-Eurasia Collision in the Arabian Sea Region taken from the Indus Group, Ladakh Himalaya, India
Burgath, K.P.    Basalt and Peridotite recovered from Murray Ridge: Are they of supra-subduction zone origin?
Makran and Zagros    

Delisle, G.    Gas hydrates acting as cap rock to fluid and gas discharge in the Makran accretionary prism?
McCall, G.J.H.    A summary of the ground truth geology of the Makran
Sattarzadeh, Y.    Structural and morphological evolution of the Strait of Hormuz at the NE margin  of the Arabian plate
Sedimentary Geology 
Stow, D.    Recent sedimentation on the Makran margin: turbidity current-hemipelagic interaction in an active slope-apron system
Clift, P.    A brief history of the Indus River
Daley, T.    Sequence stratigraphy of the offshore Indus Delta.
Smewing, J.    Sequence stratigraphy of the southern Kirthar Fold Belt, Pakistan

Glennie, K.    Quaternary climatic changes over southern Arabia and the Thar Desert India.
Wendler, I    Production of calcareous dinoflagellates in response to monsoonal forcing off Somalia
Jung, S.    Centennial-millenial scale monsoon variations off Somalia over the last 35 kyr
Brummer et al    Monsoonal export and sediment flux of particulate d15N on the Somalia ocean margin
Williams, A.    Late Quaternary highstand deposits of the southern Arabian Gulf: a record of sea level and climate change
Von Rad    Varves, turbidites and cycles in upper Holocene sediments (Makran Slope, Northern Arabian Sea)
Reichart, G.J.    Periodical breakdown of the Arabian Sea oxygen minimum zone related to deep convective mixing?
Luckge, A.    Formation of varve-like laminae off Pakistan: Decoding five years of sedimentation
Staubwasser, M.    The evolution of the oxygen minimum zone in the Arabian Sea during the Holocene and its relation to the South Asian Monsoon
Von Rad, U.    Discovery of the Toba Ash (ca. 70 ka) in a high-resolution core recovering millenial monsoonal variability off Pakistan
Peeters, K. & Brummer,  P.  The seasonal distribution of living planktic foraminifera off Oman /Yemen
Schulz, H.    Planktonic foraminifera, particle flux and oceanic productivity off Pakistan, NE Arabian Sea: modern analogues and application to the paleorecord

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