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Marine and Sedimentary Geology

Visiting Scientist
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Department of Geology and Geophysics
Mail Stop 22
Woods Hole, MA 02543-1047
email: pclift@whoi.edu


Kilgour Professor
School of Geosciences, University of Aberdeen
Aberdeen AB24 3UE, United Kingdom

Alexander von Humboldt Visiting Professor
DFG-Research Centre Ocean Margins (RCOM)
Universität Bremen, Germany

Research Affiliate
Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Visiting Professor
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Key Laboratory of the Marginal Sea Geology
South China Sea Institute of Oceanology, Guangzhou, People's Republic of China


Download report for IODP and InterMARGINS Workshop for Climate-Tectonic Drilling in SE Asia


Check out initial results and photos from  the10-14th October 2005, GSA Penrose Meeting

"Lessons in Tectonics, Climate and Eustacy from the Stratigraphic Record in Arc Collision Zones"


Principle Research Interests

Marine Geology and Tectonics of South and Eastern Asia
Solid Earth-Climate Interactions in Asia -  Geology of the Asian Monsoon

Listen to the recent BBC Radio Program "Mountains that Changed the World"

Sedimentation and tectonics in active margins
Arc tectonics and ash geochemistry


Newly Published Geological Society of London, Special Publication #195

"The Tectonic and Climatic Evolution of the Arabian Sea Region"

edited by P.D. Clift, D. Kroon, C. Gaedicke and J. Craig

Table of contents

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book cover


Interests and Current Projects


Visit the Arabian Sea homepage

Learn about drilling plans for the Indian Ocean Submarine Fans

See new results from the Indus Delta sediment flux project

Also catch up on details of the East Asian Marginal Basins AGU Chapman Meeting

Learn more about the Talkeetna Volcanic Arc project

Arc-continent collision tectonics in Irish Caledonides and Taiwan

Collision tectonics and its erosional record in Asia

The sedimentary record of hotspots and plumes



Affiliations and Memberships



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Ph.D., University of Edinburgh , Scotland, 1991. "Mesozoic/Cenozoic sedimentation and tectonics of the southern Greek Neotethys (Argolis Peninsula)."

M.A., University of Oxford , Geology, 1993.

B.A., University of Oxford , 1987. First class honors in Geology. Awarded Worcester College prize for distinction in examination. 


Affiliations and Memberships

North American Editor, Marine Geophysical Researches , 2001-

Associate Editor, Geology,1998-2000, and 2003-2005

Panel member, JOIDES ISSEP panel, 2000-2003

US Representative to IOMAC (Indian Ocean Marine Affairs Cooperation)

US Representative on IGCP Project “Impact of Asian Cenozoic tectonic on monsoon evolution and global cooling.

American Association of Petroleum Geologists

American Geophysical Union

European Union of Geosciences

Geological Society of America

Geological Society of London

International Association of Sedimentologists



Ocean Drilling Program

Integrated Ocean Drilling Program

European Geosciences Union

SOPAC (South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission)

MARGINS Initiative



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