Post-Processing Programs

Post-Processing requires a number of steps:

  1. ASCII data is downloaded from Isodat 5.3 with a format which includes the following Isodat format line numbers:
    3 Spec. -No / Sample Ident / Sample Size
    10Process information
    33Std. Deviation
    38sample [ion corr.]
  2. We run a C program called curry19.c which reformats the data
  3. We run a fortran program mat253.unmix.f to correct raw and formatted data for gas mixing in the source. Mean NBS19 values are calculated for the A and B lines and a conversion to VPDB value is calculated and then entered in mat253.convert.f.
  4. The last step is to run a fortran program called mat253.convert.f includes mat253.unmix.f plus the specific A or B line conversion values to VPDB.