Standard Data

Most of the samples analyzed using the Finigan MAT253 mass spectrometer are produced on-line with the "Kiel" automated carbonate device containing 48 reaction vessels in a carousel attached to two parallel extraction lines. Both lines feed into the Mass Spec via one capillary.

We analyze three different standards in the A and B lines during each carousel run of 46 samples; at the beginning, middle and end of each carousel. These three standards (B1, NBS19 or Carrera and our working standard Atlantis II) span a d 18O range of 5.6 per mil (-2.2 to 3.4 per mil VPDB), typical of most planktonic and benthic foraminiferal carbonates. In addition, we periodically run NBS18 and NBS20 to constrain our interlaboratory calibration.

  • NBS19 Weight vs Kiel Pressure
  • Carrara Expansions vs δO18 Mean
    The Kiel Carbonate device is not able to precisely measure samples whose weight is greater than 400 µg, or 3 expansions (see uncorrected data). Even with correction (see corrected data), data produed with analyses of greater than 3 expansions are unreliable. Red is the A line and Blue is the B line in these two plots.