Mass Spec Database Column Headers

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Field Name Database Example Description
SEQUENCE seq 103278 consecutive analysis number from march 1993, all three machines
TYPE type 1 or 0 0=standard, 1=unknown
IDENTIFIER ident G. ruber-w description of type of material analyzed
DESCRIPTION desc KNR166-2-2JPC normally a cruise-core listing
WEIGHT weight 36 weight
WGT_UNITS wunits ug normally in micrograms
DISTANCE distance 106.5 the mid depth of an entered range in a core
DIST_INC distinc 2 this is a 2 cm slab sample
DIST_UNITS dunits cm cm
C13MEAN C13mean 1.95 value to VPDB
C13STD C13std 0.04  
O18MEAN O18mean -2.2 value to VPDB
O18STD O18std 0.08  
C13RAW C13raw   value to WHOI Reference Gas
O18RAW O18raw   value to WHOI Reference Gas
MACHINE machine   252=old MAT252, 253=Blue 253(older), 353=Crimson 253(newer)
BATCH batch   all samples run within the same run with no stops/starts
ANALYSIS analysis 573 consecutive number on the printout sheet
LINE line 1 or 2 new designation for A and B lines
VIAL vial 2->24 carousel position
STDVOLT stdvolt 3.34 standard voltage
SAMPVOLT sampvolt 3.37 sample voltage
TEMP temp 71.1 acid temperature
PRES pres Kiel Device Pressure amount of gas produced by each sample before expansion (ubar)
EXPAND expand 1,2,3, etc. actual number of expansions
BACKGROUND1 back1    
BACKGROUND2 back2    
BACKGROUND3 back3    
REFILL refill 0 or 1 a reference refill was done at beginning of analysis, 0-now, 1=yes
LEAKRATE leak 349 rate of leak in 60 seconds displayed in mV
PREREACTION prereact 69 how well the machine pumped down between samples
BELLOW bellow 7400 bellows pre-adjust location in mV
PEAK peak    
OPERATOR oper DRO person who loaded the carousel and weighed the standards
C13_OUTLIER Cout 2 2 outliers
C13_ERROR Cerr    
O18_OUTLIER Oout 2 2 outliers
O18_ERROR Oerr    
REQUESTOR user WBC Scientist whose data is being run
LAT Slat 45.79 latitude of sample
LON Slon 110.35 longitude of sample
DEPTH depth 4756 water depth of sample in meters
REFERENCE refcode   user reference from a list of citations
REFID refid   the number of the citation
USER_VAL userval 56 another place to enter extra information
USER_UNITS userunits ug the units of USER_VAL
USER_QC userqc 36 user quality control number
COMMENT comment bugs are dirty whatever you want to place in this field
REFGAS refgas WHOI12 ID of reference gas

You can get this within matlab by typing "ncdump -h isotope.nc"