Foram Taxonomy

Below you will find pictures of all the benthic and planktic foraminiferal species we routinely analyze in the mass spectrometer. We typically run a single specimen of benthic forams and multiple specimens of planktic forams. In parentheses after some species is the size fraction we run for those specific taxa due to vital effect isotopic fractionation noted for these species. We are very specific about what we call C. wuellerstorfi. For this taxa we have included variants and what we call them.

Benthics Planktics
C. wuellerstorfi
C. wuellerstorfi WHOI sensu stricto
C. wueller?
C. wueller-like
C. wueller-hs
C. kullenbergi
C. pachyderma
C. cicatricosus
C. corpulentus
C. robertsonianus (good for d18O and bad for d13C)
C. bradyi (good for d18O and bad for d13C)
P. ariminensis
P. foveolata
P. rugosus
P. lobatulus
H. elegans
U. peregrina
U. hispida
G. subglobosa
O. tener
N. umbonifera
G. quinqueloba
N. pachyderma sinsitral
N. pachyderma dextral
G. ruber (212-250µm)
G. bulloides (212-250µm)
G. menardii (300-355µm)
G. sacculifer (300-355µm)
G. margaritae (300-355µm)
N. dutertrei (300-355µm)