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Joseph Ingoldsby

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Joseph Ingoldsby

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Landscape Mosaics (Photos: Joseph Ingoldsby)

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Enivronmental Artist

Artist Joseph Ingoldsby's passion and knowledge is evident in everything he does. His long-time collaborations bridging the fields of art and science have made him a perfect choice for Synergy.

He is a champion of ecosystem conservation and scientific explorations, and delves deeply into the intersection of these related fields. His work includes coastal landscapes, climate change, broken trophic cascades and, most recently, bioremediation within the estuarine landscape.

It is immediately evident that Mr. Ingoldsby is knowledgeable in both the fields of art and science. His work occupies that area of overlap between both worlds, expanding and benefiting each with the same sense of purpose and passion.  His modes of expression are as varied as his knowledge and environmental advocacy, whether it is a form of kinetic sculpture or site specific installation his work for Synergy promises to be as interesting and exciting as the artist himself.

In Joseph's words...

In the past, I have collaborated with scientists on projects which deal with the incremental and catastrophic changes that are occurring within the marine and coastal landscapes, including climate change, broken trophic cascades, acidification, and a loss of biodiversity...Currently, I work on bioremediation within the estuarine landscape. My work blends art, science and technology to communicate the issues of vanishing landscape and endangered species to the public...I believe that my focus on communicating functional changes and biodiversity loss within the coral ecosystem would be helpful.

Previous Works

Joseph has collaborated on numerous projects involving artistic and scientific contributions:

  Vanishing Landscapes: The Atlantic Salt Marsh, Leonardo Journal, MIT Press
  Requiem for a Drowning Landscape-
New York Hall of Science
  Anadromous Awakening, Division of Marine Fisheries
  Shellfish with Dr. Dale Leavitt at Roger Williams University
  Oceans in Distress at Concordia University, Montreal
  Vanishing Landscapes and Endangered Species, UWI-Madison

In 2010, Joseph was nominated as a Fellow at the Smithsonian.

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