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Legacy of Exploration

WHOI has one of the longest continuous records of ocean-going scientific research using ships, vehicles, and instruments and in developing new methods to gather data.


HROV Nereus

HROV Nereus

HROV Nereus was lost at sea while exploring the Kermadec Trench at ~10,000 meters during a May 2014 research cruise. 

Oceanus retirement

R/V Oceanus

After 36 years and nearly 500 research cruises, R/V Oceanus retired in November 2011.



The Autonomous Benthic Explorer, ABE, was lost at sea during a research cruise in March 2010 off the coast of Chile.

History of Alvin

History of Alvin

The dream of building a manned deep ocean research submersible first started to move toward reality on February 29, 1956.
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Buoyground timeline

50 Years of the WHOI Buoy Group

On Dec. 11, 1960, a group of scientists, engineers, and technicians from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution set a doughnut-shaped buoy into the waters off Bermuda. It marked the beginning of the WHOI Buoy Group—and a new era in physical oceanography.

History of Oil Research

Oil in the Ocean

A history of WHOI's oil spill research around the world.

History of vessels

History of WHOI Ships

WHOI's research vessels through the years.