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WHOI Parking Policy

Responsible Department: The Director's Office

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(This policy supersedes Institution Memorandum #3-82, which is hereby canceled.)

Institution parking facilities are available for employees and visitors in accordance with the following regulations:
  • All vehicles must have a current, valid WHOI parking permit. Employee permit stickers are issued by the Facilities Office and should be affixed according to instructions at the time of issue.
  • Temporary permits may be issued by Department Administrators, authorized department staff assistants, or the receptionist or guard on duty in the Smith Lobby. These permits are valid for a two-week period and must be renewed upon expiration. The Temporary Permit must be displayed on the dash of the vehicle and is not transferable to another vehicle. In the summer, visitors whose length of stay exceeds one month must obtain a Summer Visitor/Student Parking Permit from the Facilities Office. Note that Summer Visitor/Student Permits expire at the end of September.
  • Parking is prohibited in driveways, loading zones, fire lanes, at fire hydrants, on lawns and generally in areas not designated for parking.
  • Reserved parking areas shall be observed as follows:
    Institution-owned vehicles - designated areas in the Smith parking lot;
    Visitors - Clark circle and designated areas in the Smith parking lot;
    Handicapped - as designated in each parking lot.
  • Visitor parking spaces may be used by Quissett Campus employees while at Smith lot and Woods Hole village employees while at Clark circle for short-term parking only (less than two hours).
  • In the Dyer's parking lot, cars may be double-parked in the east lane provided they are left unlocked with the keys in the ignition. Cars are prohibited on the wood portion of Dyer's Dock.
  • From Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend, the Institution makes the Dyers Dock Lot available to the Woods Hole Business Association for use after hours and on weekends. Net proceeds from operation of the lot are given to WHOI, who in turn donates the proceeds to Falmouth and Woods Hole Community Groups. Employees with a valid WHOI parking permit are entitled to park anytime, any day in the lot during this period. If the lot attendant suggests otherwise, report the situation to the Facilities Office.
  • Private cars are not permitted on the Iselin Dock area except for short-term loading and unloading not to exceed 45 minutes. Car shall be left unlocked with keys in ignition and a Special Permit displayed. Permits are available from the Port Office, Smith Reception Desk, Mechanical Shop Supervisor, and Facilities Office. Vehicles parked on the Iselin Dock are parked at the owner's risk. The Institution will not be liable for damage incurred as a result of parking on the Dock. Any vehicle interfering with Dock activities is subject to immediate towing at owner's expense.
  • Employees or visitors wishing to leave vehicles on Institution premises while at sea, or on travel under Institution auspices, should park only in the Clark parking lot. This lot is of adequate size and under sufficient oversight to be deemed most suitable. During regular working hours, shuttle service is available between Clark and the Waterfront. At other times the guard at Clark or Smith laboratory will arrange transportation between the Waterfront and Clark.
  • On special occasions, short-term parking restrictions may be posted or directed by parking attendants. The forbearance and cooperation of employees is requested during these periods.
  • Any accidents, problems or mishaps are to be reported to the Facilities Office or Smith Reception Desk.
  • Observance of these regulations is essential for an orderly and fair parking arrangement Strict enforcement will be undertaken. Violators will be ticketed and reported to the appropriate Department Chair/Manager and Supervisor. Continued or flagrant violations are subject to towing at owner's expense. To discourage parking by non-employees, vehicles without a valid WHOI sticker will be towed from any Institution lot or property.

Approved by: Dr. Robert B. Gagosian, Director, April 25, 1997

Last updated: October 14, 2008

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