Things to do at WHOI

Ocean Science Exhibit Center
Visitors to WHOI's Ocean Science Exhibit Center will learn about the Institution's ocean science research and the vessels and tools developed by WHOI engineers and scientists. The Center is located at 15 Water St. in Woods Hole and is open:

Summer Walking Tours
In July and August, WHOI volunteers offer free walking tours through the WHOI dock area and other restricted facilities. Tours begin Monday through Friday at 10:30 a.m. 1:30 p.m. from the Information Office at 93 Water St. and last a little over an hour. Space is limited—reservations available at (508) 289-2252 or

Gift Shop
You can find WHOI clothing, books, and gift items at the Ocean Science Exhibition Center, 15 Water St. in Woods Hole or through WHOI's online gift shop.

Seminars and Lectures
Public seminars and lectures at WHOI range from scientific talks about ocean-related topics to general-interest events in and around Woods Hole. See weekly schedule for details.