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Results: January 1996 to May 2016 > No. 1, Apr. 2006 > Tools, Technology & Engineering

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April 19, 2006

ABE—The Autonomous Benthic Explorer

WHOI's deep-diving vehicle makes Wired magazine's robotic hall of fame

April 10, 2006

Live From the Tropics, It's an Ocean Network

New underwater observatory monitors marine ecosystem off Panama

April 5, 2006

The Hunt for 18° Water

Oceanographers examine “mode waters” that save the signals of past winters

February 3, 2006

Float 312, Where Are You?

In one week, people found two rarely seen ocean instruments

January 11, 2006

Going Wireless in the Deep Blue

Deploying instruments to monitor the ocean is one thing. Getting daily reports from them is another.

    1-5 of 5 results

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