WHOI Marine Mammal Center
2014 Call for Proposals


Deadline for proposal submission: May 1, 2014 (by 5 p.m.)
(Please contact your individual department office regarding its internal policy and deadlines)
Award Start Date: June 15, 2014
Award Duration: One year
(with a maximum of two years to expend the funds)
Amount Available: Approximately $150,000
WHOI Marine Mammal Center Director: Michael Moore, x 3228, mmoore@whoi.edu

The WHOI Marine Mammal Center (MMC) announces a funding opportunity for awards starting in 2014.  This funding opportunity is designed for research programs.  Research to be funded should fall within the general area of marine mammal research and conservation.  Proposals for interdisciplinary work are encouraged.

Research Projects

Awards are available to those who satisfy the WHOI eligibility requirements to be a Principal Investigator (see http://www.whoi.edu/DoR/page.do?pid=30035&tid=3622&cid=34968 ).

Please note that an individual may not be a PI or a co-PI on more than one (1) proposal for this combined Ocean Institutes / Access to the Sea / Marine Mammal Center Call for Proposals.

A total of approximately $150,000 is available for all awards by the Marine Mammal Center in 2014, with a maximum total target budget of $75,000 for proposals, although lesser amounts would enable a wider share.  Proposals are invited for new research program areas.  The proposals will be fully funded in 2014 and must be spent over a maximum of two years.

Award Criteria

The WHOI Marine Mammal Center will support collaborative research projects that are relevant to marine mammal research and conservation.  The awards may be used for salary support for Principal Investigators, postdoctoral investigators, support staff and graduate students, the development or purchase of equipment, sea-going activities, or any other tasks normally associated with research projects.  Note that investigators are encouraged to include funding for current joint program students working on ocean research.  Salary support will not be provided to those receiving substantial Institution salary support as Chairs, Fellows, Directors, Education Coordinators, etc. unless a strong justification is provided.  Proposals should include a brief description of how the proposed work would fit with other existing or planned research projects, and/or contribute to longer-term programs and goals of the Institution.

Summaries of prior MMC awards are available at: http://www.whoi.edu/website/mmc/projects

Principal Investigators will be expected to participate in some activities of the Marine Mammal Center and to help communicate the results and implications of their research to donors, the public and to policy-makers in government.  PIs may also be expected to work with the Directors of the Marine Mammal Center, Ocean Life Institute, and Institute Advisory Council in developing future research plans and activities for the Center and Institute.

Proposal Submission and Guidelines

The deadline for submission of proposals for these awards is May 1, 2014.

The start date for most of these awards will be from June 15, 2014.

Funds will be awarded for a two year period with all funds allocated in the first year.  Please be sure that you will have sufficient time to accomplish the proposed work within this time frame, as the need for these funds is usually greater than the amount of funding available.

Upload proposal package online, in pdf format, at: http://www.whoi.edu/page.do?pid=22956

Proposal applications must be received by the stated deadline, and include the following in this order:

  • The WHOI Research Proposal Summary (Green Sheet) with appropriate signatures at the Departmental level.
    1. Address Fieldon the routing form (green sheet) should indicate that the proposal is to be submitted to Dr. Michael Moore, MS#50, MMC.

    2. Agency informationto be inserted is as follows:
       - Agency: WHOI Internal Awards
       - Agency Division: WHOI - MMC
       - Program Field should be left blank

  • Abstract: The abstract should be only 1-2 paragraphs long.  Abstracts of funded proposals will be posted on the webpage and will be part of a report to the donor to describe what was done with the money provided for this program.  Therefore, the abstract should not be too technical.  Please be sure that your abstract does not "give away" any privileged information that you may need to acquire future funds from government or other sources.

  • Text: The text should describe what you wish to do.  All criteria will be explicitly addressed in a successful proposal.  These proposals are reviewed by an interdisciplinary team.  Care must be taken with the use of jargon and lengthy technical narratives.  Reviewers will be looking for clear descriptions of your questions and ++methods for achieving the answers.

    • Page limit of 1-2 pages for the text (excluding the abstract) will be strictly enforced. Graphics and references are not included in this limit.

    • Proposals must be readily legible.  Font size should be a minimum of 12, and vertical spacing appropriate for the font size.  Small type size makes it difficult for reviewers to read the proposal; consequently, small or type or cramped line spacing may be cause to return the proposal without review.

  • Budget: Provide a budget that is prepared in WHOI Grants and that shows your proposed expenditures.  The simple budget feature in WHOI Grants is recommended.  Use a 24 month period with start date 15 June 2014.  A Budget Justification statement is required.

  • CV: Each PI should provide a current 2-page CV that includes a list of the 10 most recent or relevant publications.

  • Signed originals must be sent to the Office of Grant & Contract Services, MS #39 within two days after electronic submission of the pdf file

The Review Process

Proposals will be rigorously reviewed by a panel that will include all OI Directors, the MMC Director, and additional scientific and senior technical staff members to ensure representation from all departments on the panel.  The panel will rate the proposals on the basis of the quality and relevance of the proposed research.  The MMC Director will in turn make recommendations to the Director of Research for final approval.  Normal WHOI procedures to avoid conflict of interest will be followed.

Points of Contact

If you have any questions about the appropriateness of your proposal to the MMC, or if you wish to discuss your MMC proposal in advance, please contact Michael Moore (mmoore@whoi.edu , x3228).  Questions about the submission process may be directed to Andrew Daly (adaly@whoi.edu, x2852).

Final Project Report

A brief report is required at the end of the award period.  This report will be posted on the MMC project web page with your abstract and used to keep the donors of the funds that support the MMC informed of the awards and to express our gratitude by sharing the results of the research.  The donors, while not necessarily trained in your field, are knowledgeable about science in general, and curious about what we do.  We wish to do everything we can to keep them fully informed of our progress.  PIs will be encouraged to work with the Communications group to prepare popular accounts of their MMC funded research.