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AOPE Seminars

Next Seminar: Wednesday, January 21


Yogesh Girdhar


Algorithmic Challenges in Autonomous Marine Exploration

Wednesday 12:15 PM
Smith conference room
(unless otherwise noted)

If you have a question regarding the AOPE seminars, please contact seminar coordinators Anna Michel or Malcolm Scully. To schedule a seminar, please contact Sheila Hurst.

Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker
Dept. Contact
Affiliation   Title
1/21/15 Yogesh Girdhar   AOPE    Algorithmic Challenges in Autonomous Marine Exploration 
1/28/15 no seminar        
2/04/15 Daniel Zitterbart Lin Alfred-Wegener-Institute Helmholtz-Center for Polar and Marine Research and University of Erlangen-Nüremberg   Whale and penguin monitoring using computer vision and acoustic methods in polar oceans