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Next Seminar: Wednesday, August 27


John R. Buck

University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth

Co-prime sensor arrays

12:15 PM, Smith conference room


Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker
Dept. Contact
Affiliation   Title
8/27/14  John R. Buck    UMass Dartmouth    Co-prime sensor arrays 
9/03/14 Matthew Long   MC&G   Carbon cycling in benthic ecosystems: Development of an Eddy Correlation Hydrogen ion and Oxygen Exchange System (ECHOES)
9/10/14 Micheil Boesel   AOPE   Safeguard your device / data - straightforward security techniques (for a harsher Internet)
9/17/14 WHOI-NEFSC Special Seminar Series on Fisheries and Ecosystem Acoustics        
9/24/14 Carl Kaiser   AOPE   TBA