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AOPE Seminars

Next Seminar: Wednesday, April 15


Ying-Tsong Lin

3D Shallow Water Acoustics

Wednesday 12:15 PM
Smith conference room
(unless otherwise noted)

If you have a question regarding the AOPE seminars, please contact seminar coordinator David Clark. To schedule a seminar, please contact Sheila Hurst.

Seminar Schedule

Date Speaker
Dept. Contact
Affiliation   Title
4/15/15 Ying-Tsong Lin   AOPE   3D Shallow Water Acoustics
4/22/15 Rich Pawlowicz   University of British Columbia   Double Diffusive Instabilities in Ancient Seawater
4/29/15 Joe Futrelle   AOPE   Getting Control of Your Own Code: Dead-Simple Version Control With Github Gists
5/06/15 Julie Chen   AOPE   Hydrodynamic and sediment transport modeling of New River Inlet (NC) under the interaction of tides and waves