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2013 Projects

Benjamin Birner, Jacobs University Bremen
Sediment provenance analysis in the Danube River using the SR and ND isotope systems
Advisor: Liviu Giosan, G&G

Austen J. Blair, Humboldt State University
Calculating the salinity balance of the North Atlantic salinity maximum
Advisor: Raymond Schmitt, PO

Jacqueline A. Carozza, Cornell University
Analysis of metabolites of marine microbes
Advisor: Elizabeth Kujawinski, MC&G

Carolyn S. Garrity, University of Maine
Secondary circulation in a two-inlet lagoon on Martha's Vineyard
Advisor: Steve Elgar, AOPE

Sara D. Goheen, MIT
Using the Jetyak as a vehicle for depth survey
Advisor: Christopher Sherwood

Jacqueline A. Grey, St. Lawrence University
Climate change effects on coral reef communities in southern Palau
Advisor: Anne Cohen and Daniel McCorkle, G&G

Vincent S. Guzzetta, DePauw University
A study of vibrio colonization of marine plastic
Advisor: Tracy Mincer, MC&G

Noel A. Held, Stetson University
Cobalamin interaction with nitric oxide and implications for total dissolved cobalt measurements in seawater samples
Advisor: Mak Saito, MC&G

Christina M. Hernandez, Columbia University
The vertical distribution of coral reef fish larvae and the implications for population connectivity
Advisors: Joel Llopiz and Julie Kellner, BIO

Tsung-Lin Hsieh, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Why chaos makes it hard to combine ocean models and observations
Advisor: Geoffrey Gebbie, PO

Elaine Y. Kuo, Stanford University
Effects of TCDD on the expression of DNA methyltransferases (dnmts) during zebrafish development
Advisor: Neel Aluru

Erin T. Larragoite, University of New Mexico
Phytoplankton in the Arctic:  Seasonal variability and distribution
Advisor: Samuel Laney, BIO

Jung Hyun (Mary Ann) Lee, Ohio Wesleyan University
Effects of ocean acidification on the swimming behavior of paralarval longfin inshore squid (Doryteuthis pealeii)
Advisor: T. Aran Mooney, BIO

Paige D. Logan, California Institute of Technology
Formation and propagation of anti-cyclonic eddies near the tail of the Grand Banks
Advisor: Amy Bower, PO

Yiling (Elaine) Luo, University of Toronto
Effects of light and turbulence on swimming behavior of larval eastern oyster (Crassostrea virginica)
Adcisor: Lauren Mullineaux, BIO

Victoria H. Y. Luu, Boston College
Biogeochemical models: Impacts of ocean acidification on sea scallops & fisheries
Advisor: Scott Doney, MC&G

Hannah F. Mark, University of Chicago
Seismic reflection imaging of deep flexure-induced faults near subduction zones
Advisor: Daniel Lizarralde, G&G

Mollie J. McDowell, Amherst College
Evidence of deep-sourced seabed fluid expulsion along the Southern New England continental margin
Advisors: Daniel Brothers, Jason Chaytor and John Pohlman, USGS

Anna C. Nisi, Carleton College
Ciliates of the New England shelf: An exploration of summertime grazing and an analysis of community structure
Advisor: Heidi Sosik

Camille Pagniello, Dalhousie University
Identifying the nature of a strong pervasive acoustic scattering layer in the northeast Pacific
Advisors: Andone Lavery, AOPE and Gareth Lawson, BIO

Jennifer L. Reeve, Haverford College
Rate of carbon flow into the rhizosphere of salt marsh cordgrass (Spartina alterniflora)
Advisor: Amanda Spivak,MC&G

Kaitlin R. Rempfert, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Spatial sulfur variation within the modified gill chamber of the epibiont-colonized hydrothermal vent shrimp (Rimicaris exoculata)
Advisors: Colleen Hansel, MC&G and Stefan Sievert, BIO

Alterra E. Sanchez, San Diego State University
Calibration of a CO2 and pH sensor: Enabling the measurement of blue carbon flux
Advisor: Zhaohui Aleck Wang, MC&G

Nicole C. Shibley, Yale University
Investigation of the Arctic Ocean: Boundary currents and seasonal cycles
Advisor: John Toole, PO

Katherine A. Skinner, Princeton University
Lightweight REMUS 6000
Advisor: Michael Purcell, AOPE

Claire E. Stuhlmann, University of Pennsylvania
The M Whistle: A stereotyped non-signature whistle in free-ranging Bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)
Advisor: Laela Sayigh, BIO

Madison M. Smith, Bowdoin College
Sediment transport in Katama Bay and inlet, Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts
Advisor: Britt Raubenheimer, AOPE

Yen Joe Tan, Lafayette College
Simulations of tsunami triggered by the 1883 Krakatau volcanic eruption: Implications for tsunami hazard in the South China Sea
Advisor: Jian Lin, G&G

Benjamin M. Urann, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Low temperature metamorphism at the 16.5° N area of the mid-Atlantic ridge
Advisor: Henry Dick, G&G 

Chantal L. Van Ginkel, Eckerd College
Close calls between Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) mother-calf and male-male pairs in Sarasota Bay, Florida
Advisor: Darlene Ketten, BIO

Kelly M. Williams, Allegheny College
First description of recently discovered deep sea coral ecosystems in northwest Atlantic canyons
Advisor: Timothy Shank, BIO

Last updated: March 4, 2014