Biology Research Highlights


From Oceanus Magazine

A Lobster Trap for Microbes

3-D-printed device reveals the chemicals that attract microbes

The Recipe for a Harmful Algal Bloom

Many ingredients mix in the ocean to make toxic shellfish

Life at the Edge

Plankton growth at the shelf break front

Sharks Take 'Tunnels' into the Depths

Spiraling eddies offer conduits to food in the ocean twilight zone

The Discovery of Hydrothermal Vents

Scientists celebrate 40th anniversary and chart future research

The Bacteria on Your Beaches

Are more antibiotic-resistant bacteria getting into the ocean?

Mission to the Twilight Zone

The urgent quest to explore one of Earth's hidden frontiers

Who Grows There?

Scientists take a closer look at biofouling marine life

Scientists Reveal Secrets of Whales

Thar she sings!


News Releases

Travel Distances of Juvenile Fish Key to Better Conservation

Largest study of larval dispersal to inform optimal sizing and spacing of marine reserves

Some Fish Quickly Adapt to Lethal Levels of Pollution

WHOI scientist helps decode the genetics underlying killifish survival

New AUV Plankton Sampling System Deployed

’SUPR-REMUS,’ coupled with genetic analysis, reveals larval distributions