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Presents Tom Stoffregen, professor, School of Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota.  Professor Stoffregen will give a talk on Friday, June 30, at noon, in the Ocean Science Exhibit Center Auditorium, 15 School St., in Woods Hole, titled “Getting Your Sea Legs: The Horizon, Seasickness, and Adaptive Human Movement.” Going to sea means living on a moving surface. It takes time to adapt to life on a moving surface: We must learn new ways to control the body. This learning period is known as "getting your sea legs." Mariners have known about it for thousands of years, but until recently there had been no scientific research examining the actual physical adjustments that we make in the control of the body. How, exactly, does bodily movement change as we get our sea legs? Why does this process include seasickness (for some, but not for others)? Why does the horizon seem to be important, and what can the horizon have to do with learning how to control the body? Professor Stoffregen will discuss these questions in the light of experimental research conducted on crew members and passengers on ships at sea. Some of the answers confirm ancient nautical lore, but some are unexpected, and very surprising. Sponsored by the Information Office. Coffee, tea, and cookies served. Donations accepted.

About Peanut Butter Club

A WHOI community activity
Each Friday at noon in Redfield Auditorium, WHOI sponsors a free talk or video on a topical subject. Peanut Butter Club presentations are a chance to relax, chat with friends, and learn about a wide range of socially relevant subjects -- including but not limited to oceanographic information. Past Peanut Butter Club talks have covered topics like opera, research on the sun, Falmouth water quality, and the history of thermometers. Video presentations feature films on world history, travel, gardening, and nature. Many summertime presentations relate to the ocean.

Bring a lunch and join us. Coffee, tea, and cookies are served. Peanut Butter Club is a free community service sponsored by WHOI, made possible each week, in part, by a dedicated group of volunteers. Donations are accepted.

If you have an interesting project, traveled to an exotic place, have a musical group, written a book, etc., and you would like to share this with members of the community, the WHOI Information Office welcomes presentors to give talks at Peanut Butter Club.  If you are interested, please contact Joanne Tromp at or call (508) 289-2252 for more information.

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