Undergraduate and Graduate Students (and advanced Upper Cape and Islands high school students).

Information for the Applicant

Please read the directions carefully before filling out this application and make sure all pertinent questions are answered completely and accurately.

Guest Student Eligibility:  College undergraduate or graduate students are eligible to apply as guest students at WHOI.  Advanced high school students enrolled in Upper Cape and Islands high schools may also be eligible.

STEP 1:  Confirm a sponsor from our scientific staff (see listings of areas of research).

STEP 2:  Complete and submit the Guest Student Application.  (If you begin an application and leave the site, you will be required to start the process over from the beginning when you return).

STEP 3:  Send us proof that you are currently enrolled as a student by emailing a PDF of your unofficial graduate or undergraduate transcript (whichever applies to your current university standing) to  If you are a graduate student who cannot obtain a current transcript, please have your university supply an official letter indicating that you are currently enrolled as a student.

STEP 4:  Have your university mail a sealed, official transcript (or other proof of enrollment) to:

Guest Student Coordinator
Academic Programs Office
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
360 Woods Hole Road MS #31
Woods Hole, MA  02543-1541

Application Deadlines

None, guest student applications are accepted year round.