AOP&E Research Highlights


From Oceanus Magazine

Whale-safe Fishing Gear

New buoy for lobster traps could prevent entanglements

How Would 'On-Call' Buoys Work?

Interactive featured in: "Whale-safe Fishing Gear"

Let There Be Laser Light

Laser spectroscopy could illuminate key environmental gases

Ocean Observatories System Is Up and Running

WHOI plays major role in creating 'transformative' national research effort

Seal Whiskers Inspire Marine Technology

By observing nature, biomimetic engineer designs new sensor

Epiphany Among the Manta Rays

Can we mobilize a navy of scuba divers as citizen scientists?


Exploring the secret life of endangered leatherback turtles

The Riddle of Rip Currents

Scientists investigate how and where these dire beach hazards occur

A Smarter Undersea Robot

Engineers seek to correct a curious deficiency


News Releases

SharkCam Tracks Great Whites into the Deep

Expedition Featured on Discovery Channel's 'Shark Week' 2016

New AUV Plankton Sampling System Deployed

’SUPR-REMUS,’ coupled with genetic analysis, reveals larval distributions

Carbon Dioxide Pools Discovered in Aegean Sea

’Kallisti Limnes’ Get Their Distinctive Color from Opal Particles