Acquired Data & Metadata

Vehicle Dive Metadata

Find dive histories and basic metadata for the submersible Alvin from 1964 to the present, for the towed vehicles Jason, JasonII, Medea, DSL120, DSL120a, Argo1, Argo2, Angus, CMARC, TowCam and Oceanic Explorer from 1972 to the present, and for the autonomous vehicle Sentry from 2009 to the present

NDSF Data Servers

Links to resources that contain NDSF data

Alvin Frame-Grabber

The Frame-Grabber imaging system mounted on the submersible Alvin provides Web access to video imagery co-registered with vehicle navigation and attitude data for shipboard analysis, planning deep-submergence research cruises, and review of data following research expeditions

Jason Virtual Van

The Jason Virtual Control Van is a real-time logging system that provides functionality similar to the Alvin Frame Grabber. It is also equipped with an event logging system that is used to digitally log comments and observations during operations. The Virtual Van interface can also be accessed, and events can be logged, via a web browser running on the ship's network

Sentry Data

Precise navigation, robust control and co-registered sensors permit Sentry to characterize the seafloor and the near-bottom environment on the meter-scale through complementary sensing modes

Operational Issues

Logging & Display

Examples of NDSF at-sea data collection subsystems, including DVLNav, Frame-Grabber, Virtual Van, and Fledermaus

Archive Policy

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) maintains an archival system for oceanographic data and samples that have been obtained using the vehicles and sensors of the National Deep Submergence Facility (NDSF). This policy describes the treatment of these data.

Data Acquisition

Each NDSF vehicle embodies a different basis of design, a different history, and operates with its own characteristic behavior. Consequently, each vehicle offers a different sensor package and data collection strength.

Data Deliverables

Standard data packages have been defined for each vehicle so that users can more effectively plan their sensor requirements and personnel needs

Lat/Lon X/Y Converter

A browser-based utility to convert positions between different frames of reference: Lat/Lon, X/Y/Local Origin and UTM

Foffonof Depth Converter Tool

Tools for converting between Fixed Lattitude Pressure depth and true Foffonof Depth.


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