R/V Tigoa Ship Layout & Accommodations


Layout Diagrams

Outboard Profile (pdf)
Inboard Profile (pdf)
Above Deck Arrangement (pdf)
Below Deck Arrangement (pdf)
Lines Plan (pdf)
A-Frame Dimensions (pdf)


Day Trips
- 10 people (8 science party, 2 crew), Higher capacity in summer months
10 Immersion (Survival) Suits aboard (more can be obtained from Jay Sisson)
4 - Work Vests aboard
4 - Hard Hats aboard

- 6 bunks, (4 science berths, 2 crew berths)
Science parties will be expected to provide their own bedding.

Space has a sink, refrigerator, stove and microwave.
The facilities are available for everyone to use. Please be responsible
and clean up after yourself, as this is a common area for everyone to use.
Food will not normally be provided.