Cruise Planning Questionnaire


The cruise planning questionnaire begins the process of cruise planning. It is used to ensure that the scientific equipment you need for your cruise is aboard and functioning properly and also to communicate your cruise plan to the ship. It is important to note any equipment that you need, if it is not listed it can be taken offline for maintenance or calibration without notification.

The Questionnaire is a one-time submission. It is used to create the Cruise Synopsis in which all additional information with be added.

Complete a Cruise Planning Questionnaire

Use this application to begin the dialog process between a prospective Principal Investigator and the WHOI Marine Operations Coordinator. Information submitted is forwarded to the shipboard operations teams and shoreside support groups as necessary.

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A document that identifies all equipment, operational, technical support and logistical requirements for a cruise put together by the Marine Operations Coordinator after you submit a Cruise Planning Questionnaire.

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