R/V Atlantis Shipboard Computing


This section offers an overview of the general computing facilities available on board R/V Atlantis as an aid in planning for upcoming cruises.

It is a good idea to contact the onboard technician before the cruise to ensure that any computing resources you plan to bring will work with the equipment available, and to verify that the ship’s resources important for your cruise are in good working order. To reach the onboard technician, send email to sssg@atlantis.whoi.edu.

Because of recent virus and worm problems with (primarily) Windows computers, all science computers brought on board should have the latest service packs and up to date virus scanning software installed.

If you have requirements which are not discussed in this document please send mail to sssg@whoi.edu, or phone Laura Stolp at (508) 289-3031.

In this section:

» Internal Ships Network
» Data Collection
» Internet Access at Sea