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Marine Policy Fellowship Program

Qualified individuals in the social sciences are invited to apply their training and expertise to the economic, legal and policy issues that arise from use of the world's oceans. At the Institution's Marine Policy Center, emphasis is placed on multidisciplinary research to advance the conservation and management of coastal and marine resources. The work of MPC scholars integrates law, policy analysis, and statistics with WHOI's basic strengths in ocean sciences.

Current areas of research concentration include fisheries and aquaculture; the economics of coastal communities; marine spatial planning and ecosystem-based management; sea level rise and shoreline change; and water resources management, with a particular focus on coastal aquifers and the effects of climate change.

Other research interests may also be appropriate. The fields of economics, law, statistics, public policy, natural resources management, and international relations are preferred, but strong applications from other relevant fields are welcome.


The three main objectives of the Fellowship Program are:

  • to provide support and experience to Research Fellows interested in marine policy issues;
  • to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary application of social sciences and natural sciences to marine policy problems; and
  • to conduct research and convey information necessary for the development of effective local, national and international ocean policy.

The Fellowship Program also provides successful applicants the opportunity to participate in Woods Hole seminars and study groups and to develop collaborative research with other members of the scientific and technical staff at the Institution. Workshops and conferences involving senior policymakers and scholars are occasionally held as part of the Center's program.

Applications can be completed using the online application submission link, in the related links box to the right.


Applicants must have completed a doctoral level degree or possess equivalent professional qualifications through career experience. The Center also welcomes experienced professionals who can arrange a leave or sabbatical. Recipients will receive a stipend of $57,000 for a period of one year and are eligible for group health and dental insurance. In addition, modest research and travel funds will be made available. Recipients are appointed for one year; however, depending upon the nature and scope of the recipient's effort, opportunities may be available to continue a professional affiliation with the Center.

Recipients of awards can initiate their study and research period at the Institution any time after notification and before December 1st of the year the award is given.