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WHOI welder Geoff Ekblaw custom fabricates oceanographic instrumentation from engineering drawings.

From blueprint to reality

Geoff Ekblaw works from engineering drawings (foreground) while welding thefoundation mounts for solar panels that will sit atop a moored buoy.A senior fabricator and welder, Ekblaw has spent more than a decade atWHOI working with researchers to find innovative ways to measure andrecord information about the oceans. The solar panels will be partof a new line of "gumby" mooring systems, which use ultra-stretchyrubber hoses reinforced with nylon to stretch to twice theirunstretched length. These flexible mooring hoses have conducting wires embedded in the walls, making it possible to transmitcontinuous, high-rate, real-time data to the surface and electrical power to bottom instruments. (Photo by Tom Kleindinst, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution)


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