2008 Lecture Series Schedule



Monday, June 16

9:45 AM
Dynamo Theory and GFD
Stephen Childress-- New York University

Tuesday, June 17

9:45 AM
Dynamo Theory
Stefan Fauve, Ecole Normale Superieure

2:30-3:30 PM - Informal Seminar
Dimensional Analysis & Dynamos
Stefan Fauve, Ecole Normale Superieure

Wednesday, June 18

9:45 AM
Convection, Stability and Turbulence
Charles Doering, University of Michigan

2:30-3:30 PM - Tutorial
Calculations in the Background Methods
Charles Doering, University of Michigan

Thursday, June 19

9:45 AM
(Ocean Mixing and Tidal Power)
Christopher Garrett, University of Victoria

Friday, June 20

9:45 AM
Waves and Vortices Driven by Interfacial Fluxes
Kerry Emanuel, MIT


Monday, June 23

9:45 AM
The Oceanic Energy Cycle
Raffaele Ferrari, MIT

Tuesday, June 24

9:45 AM
(Climate Dynamics)
Raymond Pierrehumbert, University of Chicago

Wednesday, June 25

9:45 AM
Geological Fluid Mechanics
Herbert Huppert, University of Cambridge

Thursday, June 26

9:45 AM
GFD Experiments in Climate
John Marshall, MIT

Friday, June 27

9:45 AM
Double-Diffusive Convection
Timour Radko, Naval Postgraduate School


Monday, June 30

10:00 AM
Mixing Hits a Wall
Jean-Luc Thiffeault, University of Wisconsin

11:10 AM
Feeling the pinch: Time-dependent plume dynamics
Colm-cille Caulfield, Cambridge University

Tuesday, July 1

10:30 AM
Rain, Droughts, and Veggies: A Simple Model of Soil-Vegetation Atmosphere Dynamics
Antonello Provenzale, Instituto di Scienze Dell'Atmosfera

Wednesday, July 2

10:30 AM
Ocean Modeling in Quasi-Lagrangian Vertical Coordinates
Eric Chassignet, Florida State University

2:30 PM
Waves and Jets on the Four Giant Planets
Liming Li, Cornell University

Thursday, July 3

10:30 AM
Washboard Roads
Jim McElwaine, Cambridge University

2:30 PM

GFD vs Modelling?  Meridional Energy Transfer in the Atmosphere and Ocean
Geoffrey Vallis, Princeton University

Friday, July 4



Monday, July 7

10:30 AM
Title to be announced
William Dewar, Florida State University

2:30 PM
Hydrodynamics and Remote Sensing of Far Wakes of Ships
Alex Soloviev, NOVA Southeastern University

Tuesday, July 8

10:30 AM
PV Staircases and the Dynamics of Jupiter's Atmosphere
Dick Peltier, University of Toronto

Wednesday, July 9

10:30 AM
Circulation and Exchange in Marginal Seas
Larry Pratt, WHOI, Physical Oceanography Department

Thursday, July 10

10:00 AM
Soft Lubrication and Adhesion
L. Mahadevan, Harvard University

GFD and Biology
Amala Mahadevan, Boston University

Friday, July 11

10:30 AM
Vortex Patches near Boundaries
Ted Johnson, University College


Monday, July 14

10:30 AM
A New Entrainment Parameterization for Mixing in Overflows
Claudia Cenedese, WHOI

Tuesday, July 15

10:30 AM
Instabilities of Stewartson Layers and Taylor Columns
Rainer Hollerbach, University of Leeds

Wednesday, July 16

10:30 AM
Holmboe's Instability
Jeff Carpenter, University of British Columbia

Thursday, July 17

10:00 AM
Gyroviscosity and Magnetofluid Models
Phil Morrison, University of Texas at Austin

11:15 AM
Granular Gases, Inelastic Collapse and Bouncing Balls
Francesco Paparella, University of Lecce

Friday, July 18

10:30 AM
Splashing and Splitting
Michael Brenner


Monday, July 21

10:30 AM
Gel Fingers
Andrew Belmonte, Penn State University

Tuesday, July 22

10:30 AM
Fluid Dynamics of Carbon Sequestration
Andrew Woods, Cambridge University

Wednesday, July 23

10:30 AM
Maximal Mixing Efficiency
Stuart Dalziel, DAMTP, University of Cambridge

Thursday, July 24

10:30 AM
Wave-activity Conservation Laws and their Application to Subgrid-scale Parameterization in Climate Models
Tiffany Shaw, University of Toronto

Friday, July 25

10:30 AM
Title to be announced
Speaker to be announced


Monday, July 28

10:30 AM
Effect of Double Diffusion on the Dam Break Experiment
George Veronis, Yale University

Tuesday, July 29

10:30 AM
Seepage Flows and Glacier Sliding
Alan Rempel, University of Oregon

11:40 AM
Mantle Convection
Andrew Fowler, University of Limerick

Wednesday, July 30

10:00 AM
Energy Transfer from the Winds to the Thermocline on ENSO Timescales
Alexey Federov, Yale University

11:15 AM
The Fluid Trampoline:  Droplets Bouncing on a Soap Film
John Bush, MIT

Thursday, July 31

10:30 AM
Tracking Topological Features to Characterize Chaotic Flow
Jerry Gollub, Haverford College

Friday, August 1

10:30 AM
Some Problems in Solid and Fluid Mechanics
Joe Keller, Stanford University


Monday, August 4

Adjournment for Pedlosky Symposium

Tuesday, August 5

10:00 AM
The Evolution of Finite-Amplitude Internal Gravity Waves
Bruce Sutherland, University of Alberta

11:15 AM
Geometry of Boundary Shear Turbulence:  A Stroll through 61,506 Dimensions
Predrag Cvitanovic, Georgia Institute of Technology

Wednesday, August 6

10:00 AM
New Results on Turbulent Entrainment in Stratified Flows
Aline Cotel, University of Michigan

11:15 AM
Propagation and Saturation of 3d Internal Tides
Oliver Buhler, New York University

5:00 PM - Redfield Auditorium - reception to follow
Weather and Climates of other Worlds:  Lessons for Earth
Andrew Ingersoll, California Institute of Technology

Thursday, August 7

10:00 AM
The Effects of Rotation and Density Stratification on the Interior Dynamics
of Giant Planets
Gary Glatzmeier, University of California, Santa Cruz

11:15 AM
Magma-rock Interactions in Gelatin-Water Laboratory Experiments
Onno Bokhove, University of Twente

Friday, August 8

10:00 AM
An Embarrassing Sea Truth; Steepness, Spread and Skewness of Ocean Waves
Walter Munk, University of California, San Diego

11:15 AM
Ocean Variability, Memory and Trends
Carl Wunsch, MIT


Tuesday, August 19

10:00 - 11:00  Chris Cawthorn, University of Cambridge
Close encounters of the viscous kind:  first contact in a viscous fluid

11:10 - 12:10  Sylvain Barbot, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Models of volcanic tremors & singing icebergs

2:00 - 3:00    Celine Guervilly,
Toy model of the solar radiative zone

3:10 - 4:10    George Hagstrom
Bounds for shear-stress driven flows

Wednesday, August 20

10:00 - 11:00  Malte Jansen
On the interaction of eddies with large-scale topography

11:10 - 12:10  Christophe Gissinger
Energy and dissipation in MHD systems

2:00 - 3:00    Amrita Shravat
Experiment on mixing induced by a horizontal disc

3:10 - 4:10    Yutian Wu
Equilibria of diffusive moist static energy balance models

Thursday, August 21

10:00 - 11:00 Toby Wood
(Huge) problems with surface tension                                             

11:10 - 12:10  Ian Hewitt
Continual skipping on water