2015 Lecture Series Schedule


"Stochastic Processes in Atmospheric and Oceanic Dynamics" - June 15 to August 21, 2015

Principal Lectures
Charles Doering, University of Michigan
Henk Dijkstra, Utrech University
10:00 AM - 12:00 Noon

Week 1, June 15 - 19

Charles Doering
Grounding in the mathematical concepts of stochastic processes

Week 2, June 22 - 26

Henk Dijkstra
Explore how these theoretical concepts play out in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Lectures begin at 10:30 AM

Week 3

Monday, June 29
Oliver Bühler
Particle dispersion by linear and nonlinear stochastic waves

Tuesday, June 30 (Note: the Sears Lecture is at 5 p.m.)
Rich Kerswell
Boundary inflow, Taylor-Couette flow and accretion disks

PUBLIC LECTURE, 5:00 PM, Redfield Auditorium (reception to follow)
Susan Solomon, MIT

Ozone Depletion: A Science and Policy Success Story

Wednesday, July 1

Fabio Del Sordo
Understanding stellar activity to search for Earth-like exoplanets

Thursday, July 2

Colm Caulfield
Stirring solutions: Mixing industrial challenges with mathematics

Friday, July 3

Daniel Lecoanet
Internal Wave Excitation by Turbulent Convection

Week 4

Monday, July 6
Dhrubaditya Mitra
Fluid Dynamics with (large and small) Balls

Tuesday, July 7
Charlie Doering
Heat transport in turbulent (and not so turbulent) convection

Wednesday, July 8

Gregory Wagner
Coupled evolution of near-inertial waves and quasi-geostrophic flow

Thursday, July 9

Greg Chini
The pure Langmuir turbulence regime

Friday, July 10

Jean-Luc Thiffeault
Random kicks due to swimming organisms


Week 5

Monday, July 13
David Goluskin
Canonical convection configurations

Tuesday, July 14
Andrew Wells
Layers, ripples, and channels: shocks and surprises with ice-ocean interaction

Wednesday, July 15

Brad Marston
Statistics of Stochastically Driven Jets

Thursday, July 16

Alexandros Alexakis
Rotating Taylor-Green flow

Nigel Goldenfeld

The emergence of collective modes, ecological collapse and directed percolation at the laminar-turbulence transition in pipe flow

Friday, July 17
Glenn Flierl
Arms Race, Seesaw or Speciation -- mathematics of evolution

Week 6

Monday, July 20
Woosok Moon
A stochastic Arctic sea ice model : Toward a smart gambling

Tuesday, July 21
Stefan Llewellyn Smith
Tsunami propagation using a consistent acoustic-gravity wave formulation

Wednesday, July 22
John Bush
Pilot-wave hydrodynamics

Thursday, July 23

Carl Wunsch
Circulation and tides of an ice covered Earth

Friday, July 24
Rob Phillips
Do Surfers Know Things that Geophysical Fluid Dynamicists Don’t?


Week 7

Monday, July 27
Ali Mashayek
Ocean mixing: from small scale turbulence to large scale meridional overturning circulation

Tuesday, July 28

Jack Whitehead
The continental drift convection cell-continuing on from Lou Howard's formulation

Wednesday, July 29

Edward Bolton
Implications of the nonlinear seawater equation of state on salt fingers and cabbeling

Thursday, July 30
Srikanth Toppaladoddi
Tailoring boundary geometry to optimize heat transport in turbulent convection

Friday, July 31
Victor Yakhot
Small-scale universality, intermittency and turbulence modeling

Week 8

Monday, August 3
Bill Young
Swell Problems

Tuesday, August 4

Predrag Cvitanović
Noise is your friend, or: The best possible resolution of state space in presence of noise

Jim Anderson
Happy Birthday General Relativity: What has happened in the last century.

Wednesday, August 5

Emma Boland

Mixing by meso-scale eddies in the Southern Ocean: two different perspectives

Thursday, August 6
Ed Spiegel
Beyond Navier-StokesZ

Friday, August 7

Katepalli Sreenivasan

Confessions of Ignorance on Turbulent Convection


Week 9 - August 10

Quiet Week: No lectures

Week 10 - August 17 - 21

Fellows' presentations

Monday, August 17


Gunnar Peng, University of Cambridge
The Diffusion Fish

Tom Eaves, University of Cambridge

Noisy homoclinic pulse dynamics: back to the origin

Andre Souza, University of Michigan

Instantons in the presence of chaos: is noise really your friend?

Tuesday, August 18

Giovanni Fantuzzi, Imperial College London

Bounds for deterministic and stochastic dynamical systems using sum-of-squares programming

Tom Beucler, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Large-scale advection, condensation and diffusion of water vapor

Wednesday, August 19

Cesar Rocha, University of California, San Diego

Scaling Ocean Stratification: coupled asymptotic model equations for strongly stratified flows

Chris Spalding, California Institute of Technology

The most catastrophic catastrophe: Population dynamics under random extreme events

Yana Bebieva, Yale University

Punctuated plume penetration: Entrainment dynamics of the layered filling box

Thursday, August 20

Florence Marcotte, Ecole Normale Supérieure
Fast cooling of a hot disc

Anna FitzMaurice, Princeton University

A stochastic approach to examining the predictability of Arctic sea ice