2006 Lecture Series Schedule



All lectures are held at Walsh Cottage unless otherwise indicated

Principal Lecturers Schedule

Monday, June 19 - Friday, June 23, lectures at 10:00 AM

    Grae Worster, University of Cambridge

Thursday, June 22, 5:00 PM
Public Lecture - Redfield Auditorium

    Greg Dash, University of Washington
    Nine Ices, Cloud Seeding and a Brother's Farewell; (how Kurt Vonnegut
    learned the science for Cat's Cradle (but conveniently left some out)

Monday, June 26 - Friday, June 30, 10:00 AM

    Grae Worster, University of Cambridge

Regular Seminar Schedule

Monday, July 3

10:30 AM
    Large scale heat and mass balance of sea ice in the Arctic
    Norbert Untersteiner, University of Washington

2:30 PM
    Glacier mass balance, lithotripsy and porters in the Karakorum
    Norbert Untersteiner, University of Washington

Tuesday, July 4 - HOLIDAY 

Wednesday, July 5

10:30 AM
    Global climate modeling: simulations of the Polar regions
    John Walsh, University of Alaska

2:30 PM
    Arctic Ocean circulation, structure and freshwater balance
    Andrey Proshutinsky, WHOI, Physical Oceanography Department 

10:30 AM
   Ice/Ocean interaction from the ocean side: teleconnections
Doug Martinson, Columbia University  

Friday, July 7

10:30 AM
    Twist and Shout! Maximal enstrophy generation in the 3-d
    Navier-Stokes equations

    Charlie Doering, University of Michigan  

Monday, July 10

10:30 AM
    Strings, Ice and Cosmology
Lam Hui , Columbia University  

Tuesday, July 11, 10:00 AM, Smith Conference Room
Steinbach Scholar and Physical Oceanography Deptartment Seminars

    Momentum heat and mass transfer through a sea-ice/ ocean boundary
    Miles McPhee , McPhee Research Corporation

2:30 PM
    Vehicular ice/ocean interactions
    Jamie Morison, University of Washington

Wednesday, July 12

10:30 AM
    Thickness distribution of sea ice: Theory and observation
Dick Moritz , University of Washington

3:00 PM - Carriage House, Quissett Campus
Steinbach Scholar Seminar

    Turbulence, scales, eddy viscosity/diffusivity, and simple models
    for the ocean boundary layer
    Miles McPhee , McPhee Research Corporation

Thursday, July 13

10:30 AM
    Sea ice dynamics
    Dan Feltham, University College

3:00 PM, Clark 201, Quissett Campus
Special P.O. Seminar

    Variability of sea ice draft at the North Pole Environmental Observatory, 2001-2005
    Dick Moritz, University of Washington
Friday, July 14, 10:00 AM, Clark 201
Student only talk for Physical Oceanography Department and GFD Students

    Sea ice as a superb rotating laboratory:  Why freeze your butt when you could be sipping Mai Tais in Lahina

    Miles McPhee , McPhee Research Corporation

2:30 PM - Walsh Cottage  
    Mixing in the deep Canada basin of the Arctic Ocean
    Mary-Louise Timmermans, Physical Oceanography Department, WHOI

Monday, July 17

10:30 AM
    Convection in the Arctic
    Bert Rudels, Finnish Institute of Marine Research

Tuesday, July 18

10:30 AM
    Internal waves
    Colm-cille Caufield, University of Cambridge

Wednesday, July 19

10:30 AM
    Biota in sea ice
    Hajo Eicken, University of Alaska

2:30 PM
    Sea ice optics
    Don Perovich, Cold Regions Research and Eng. Laboratory

Thursday, July 20

10:30 AM
    Influence of horizontal stress gradients on ice-sheet stability
    Richard Hindmarsh, British Antarctic Survey

Friday, July 21

10:30 AM
    Ponytail motion, Hill's equation and body weight
    Joseph Keller, Stanford University

Monday, July 24

10:30 AM
    Shaken not stirred: mixing in stratified flows
    Michael Patterson, Yale University

Tuesday, July 25

10:30 AM
    Thermodynamic response of sea ice with a thickness distribution

    Goran Bjork , Goteborg University    

Wednesday, July 26

10:30 AM
    Glaciers rubbed the wrong way
    Christian Schoof, University of British Columbia

2:30 PM
    Low-dimensional models of subcritical instability in shear flows

    Norman Lebovitz, University of Chicago

Thursday, July 27

10:30 AM
    The new view of ice sheet dynamics
    Robert Bindschalder, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

2:30 PM
    Simulating moving boundaries in thin liquid layers
    Petri Fast, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Friday, July 28

10:30 AM
    Time-periodic flow in a corner at low Re
    Keith Moffatt, University of Cambridge

Monday, July 31

2:30 PM
    Dynamical Problems in Glaciology
    Andrew Fowler, Oxford University

Tuesday, August 1

10:30 AM
    Do Martian Ice Caps Flows
    Dale Winebrenner, University of Washington

Wednesday, August 2

10:30 AM
    Peeling back the ice layers by listening to what's underneath
    Sridhar Anandakrishnan, Penn State University

2:30 PM

    Derivation of macroscopic equations for rarified gases by elimination of fast variables
    Paul Dellar, Imperial College

Thursday, August 3

10:30 AM
    H-Bombs, Icebergs and other GFD Problems
    Doug MacAyeal, University of Chicago

2:30 PM
    Wind Pumping, Porous Media and the Fate of Ice Sheets
    om Neumann, University of Vermont

Friday, August 4

10:30 AM
    Transition Zones in Ice Sheets
    Sophie Nowicki, University College, London

Monday, August 7

10:30 AM
    Cavity Ripples in Water
    Andrew Belmonte, Penn State University

Tuesday, August 8

10:30 AM
    Orbital Calculations and Mission Design
    Herb Keller, Caltech 

Wednesday, August 9

10:30 AM
    Jim McElwaine, University of Cambridge

2:30 PM
    Rattleback Diversions & the Geodynamo
    Keith Moffatt, University of Cambridge

Thursday, August 10

10:30 AM
    The Stress of it All...the Entire Glacier
    Alan Rempel, University of Oregon

2:30 PM
    Experimental Attempts to Simulate Continental Drift
    Jun Zhang, NYU

Friday, August 11

10:30 AM
    The Demise of Spiegel's Periodic Orbits in Turbulence Relativity for Cyclist
    Predrag Cvitanovic, George Tech

6:00 PM
    On the bifurcation of species
    Ed Spiegel, Columbia University

Monday, August 14

2:30 PM
    Of things Strombolian
    Eliza Calder, University at Buffalo, SUNY

Tuesday, August 15

10:30 AM
    What good is a tetrakaidecahedron?
    Louis Howard, MIT/FSU


Tuesday, August 22

10:30 AM
    Salty droplets: Solidification and instabilities
    Robert Style, Cambridge University

1:30 PM
    Dambusters: Catastrophic incisions in natural dams
    Rachel Zammett, Oxford University

2:45 PM
    On thin ice
    Dominic Vella, Cambridge University

Wednesday, August 23

10:00 AM
    Mush! Convective patterns in mushy layers
    Shane Keating, University of California, San Diego

11:15 AM
    Growth of a mushy layer in a corner flow
    Devin Conroy, University of California, San Diego

2:15 PM
    Glancing interactions of large internal waves
    Daniel Goldberg, New York University

3:30 PM
    Ice stars
    Victor Tsai, Harvard University

Thursday, August 24

10:00 AM
    Mixing efficiency
    Takahide Okabe, University of Texas

11:15 AM
    Arctic catastrophes in an idealized sea ice model
    Ian Eisenman, Harvard University