2004 Lecture Series Schedule



June 21 - August 27, 2004

General Schedule

Weeks 1-2: June 21 - July 2, Principal Lectures
  Weeks 3-8: July 5 - August 13, Seminar Series
  Week 9: August 16-20, Quiet Week
  Week 10: August 23-27, Fellows' Presentations

There will be no seminars from visitors in Weeks 1, 2, 9 and 10. 


There will be three themes in Week 4-6.  

Week 4: July 12-16 - Oceanic Tides

 Week 5: July 12-16 - Planetary Tides 

Week 6: July 12-16 - Tides in Astrophysics


Principal Lectures

 Myrl Hendershott, Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Christopher Garrett, University of Victoria  

Week 1 - Myrl Hendershott 

Monday, June 21
       10:00 AM    Introduction to Ocean Tides

Tuesday, June 22

       10:00 AM    The Role of Tidal Dissipation and the Laplace Tidal Equations

Wednesday, June 23
       10:00 AM   Solutions to Laplace's Tidal Equations

Thursday, June 24
       10:00 AM    Resonance and Solutions to the LTE

Friday, June 25
       10:00 AM   The Spectrum of Free Waves Possible along Coasts

Week 2 - Christopher Garrett 

Monday, June 28
       10:00 AM   Internal Tides

Tuesday, June 29
       10:00 AM    Tidal Bores

Wednesday, June 30
       10:00 AM   Tidal Rectification and Stokes Drift   

Thursday, July 1
       10:00 AM   Tidal Rectification, Stratification and Mixing

Friday, July 2
       10:00 AM   Tidal Power

Regular Seminar Schedule 

Week 3

Monday, July 5


Tuesday, July 6
       10:30 AM    Jean-Paul Zahn, Observatoire de Paris
                                  Tidal Evolution of Binary Stars

          3:00 PM    P.O. Department Seminar, Clark 507

Wednesday, July 7
       10:30 AM     Jonas Nycander, Stockholm University
                                  Generation of Internal Waves in the Deep Ocean by Tides

Thursday, July 8
       10:30 AM    Sarah Gille and Stefan Llewellyn-Smith, University of California, San Diego
                                  Global Land and Sea Breeze

         2:30 PM    Jennifer MacKinnon, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
                                  A Primer on Internal Waves

Friday, July 9
       10:30 AM    Ed Spiegel, Columbia University
                                  On the Bifurcation of Species

         2:30 PM     Claudia Cenedese
                                  Monopolar Vortices Interaction with Different Geometry Obstacles

Week 4 

Monday, July 12
       10:30 AM    Rob Pinkel, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

         2:30 PM    Luc Rainville, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
                                 Internal Wave Propagation from the Hawaiian Ridge

Tuesday, July 13
       10:30 AM    Maura Hagan, National Center for Atmospheric Research
                                Thermal Tides in Earth's Atmosphere                             

         2:30 PM     Jeff Forbes, University of Colorado
                                 Nonmigrating Tides in Planetary Atmospheres

Wednesday, July 14
       10:30 AM    Carl Wunsch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  Ocean Tides and Climate Change

         2:30 PM    Alexander Soloviev, NOVA Southeastern University
                                  Energetic Baroclinic Tides in the Florida Straits

Thursday, July 15
       10:30 AM    Brian Arbic, Princeton University
                                  Global Barotropic and Baroclinic Tide Models

         3:30 PM     Peter Rhines, Steinbach Scholar - PO Seminar - Carriage House, Quissett Campus
                                 Rossby Waves and Potential Vorticity in Oceans and Atmospheres

Friday, July 16
       10:30 AM   James Girton, Physical Oceanography Department, WHOI
                                 Internal Tide Generation and Dissipation: A Nearfield View

        3:00 PM    Peter Rhines, Steinbach Scholar - Institute Seminar - Clark 507
                                  Exploring the Subpolar Atlantic: Climate, Dynamics and Seagliders

Week 5 

Monday, July 19
       10:30 AM    Jean-Luc Thiffeault, Imperial College
                                  Knitting and Mixing

Tuesday, July 20
       10:30 AM    Doug Lin, University of California
                                  Tidal Interaction between Extrasolar Planets and their Host Stars

         3:00 PM    Harper Simmons, IARC, University of Alaska, Fairbanks, P.O. Department Seminar, Clark 507
                                  Baroclinic Wave Generation in a Tidal Model

Wednesday, July 21
       10:30 AM   Bruce Sutherland, University of Alberta
                                  Internal Wave Propagation: Ray Theory and Beyond

         2:30 PM    Jody Klymak, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
                                  The Tidal Graveyard: Turbulent Dissipation near the Hawaiian Ridge                          

Thursday, July 22
       10:30 AM    Richard Kerswell, University of Bristol
                                  lo, Tides and Magnetic Fields

         3:00 PM    Anand Gnanadesikan, GFDL, Princeton University, Special P.O. Dept. Seminar, Clark 507
                                  Connecting the ACC and THC: The Role of Southern Ocean Winds and Eddies

Friday, July 23
       10:30 AM    Tom Mullin, University of Manchester
                                  Sticky Balls

        2:30 PM    Colin Cutter, Imperial College
                                  The Imperial College Ocean Model: Simulating the Oceans Using Finite Elements

Week 6 

Monday, July 26
       10:30 AM    Sonya Legg, Physical Oceanography Department, WHOI
                                  Internal Tide Reflection from Topography

         2:30 PM    Steve Childress, Courant Institute
                                 Geometric Constraints on Vortex Stretching

Tuesday, July 27
       10:30 AM   Alexey Fedorov, Princeton University
                                  Generation of Breaking Waves by Strong Winds

Wednesday, July 28
       10:30 AM    Gary Egbert, Oregon State University
                                  Long-period Tides

           2:30 PM    Gordon Ogilvie, University of Cambridge

                                 Tidal Dissipation in Rotating Giant Planets                           

 Thursday, July 29

       10:30 AM    Andrew Belmonte, Pennsylvania State University
                                 Viscoelastic Craters

Friday, July 30
          10:30 AM    Pin-Gao Gu, Academia Sinica
                                  Thermal Adjustment of Hot Jupiters due to Tidal Dissipation

Week 7 

Monday, August 2
       10:30 AM    Joel Miller, University of Cambridge
                                  Zero Reynolds Number Elastic Fluid Instabilities

         2:30 PM    Antonello Provenzale, ICG Torino
                                 Two Short Stories in Turbulent Convection: The Clustering of Plumes and a Simple Model of                                  Atmospheric Convection

Tuesday, August 3
       10:30 AM    Rui Xin Huang, Physical Oceanography Department, WHOI
                                  Energetics of the Oceanic Circulation: Sandstrom Theory and Lab Experiments

Wednesday, August 4
       5:00 PM     Carl Wunsch, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  Climate Change Stories - A public lecture at Lilly Auditorum, reception to follow

Thursday, August 5
       10:30 AM    Amala Mahadevan, Boston University
                                  Phytoplankton, Nutrients and CO2 in the Surface Ocean

         2:30 PM    L. Mahadevan, Harvard University
                                 Particulate Interfaces

Friday, August 6
       10:30 AM    Charles Doering, University of Michigan
                                  A Bound on Mixing Efficiency

Week 8 

Monday, August 9
       10:30 AM    Leo Maas, NIOZ
                                Wave Attractors 

Tuesday, August 10
       10:30 AM    Matthew Wells, Yale University
                                 Laboratory Experiments on Entrainment in Gravity Currents with Stratification and Rotation

         2:30 PM    Jennifer MacKinnon, Scripps Institution of Oceanograpy - P.O. Dept. Seminar, Clark 507
                                 Mixing Hotspots and other Catastrophes: Mechanisms of Tidal Dissipation

Wednesday, August 11
       10:30 AM    Norman Lebovitz, University of Chicago
                                  Elliptical Instabilities

Thursday, August 12
         2:30 PM   Paul Dellar, Imperial College
                                 The Revolutionary Shallow Water Equations

Friday, August 13
       10:30 AM    NO LECTURE

          2:30 PM     NO LECTURE

Week 9 


Week 10 - Project Talks 

Tuesday, August 24
       10:00 AM    Danielle Wain, University of Illinois
                                  Laboratory Experiments on the Effects of Baroclinic Eddies on a Dense Plume in a Rotating                                   Stratifeid Fluid

         11:15 AM     Eleanor Williams Frajka, University of Washington
                                 Convection in a Fluid Loop

          2:00 PM      Lisa Neef, University of Toronto
                                  Resonant Triads of Tidally-Forced Internal Gravity Waves

          3:15 PM      Yaron Toledo, Technion
                                  High Order Boussinesq Models for Internal Interfacial Waves and Layered SQG

 Wednesday, August 25
         10:00 AM     Anja Slim, University of Cambridge
                                  Exotic Gravity Currents

       11:15 AM     Josefina Arraut, Brazilian Institute for Space Research
                                   Rossby Wave Scattering between Homogeneous Media

          2:00 PM     Marshall Ward, Florida State University
                                   Double Diffusive Gravity Currents under Rotation

           3:15 PM    David Vener, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  Two-Dimensional Vortex Shedding from a Corner

Thursday, August 26
       10:00 AM    Vineet Birman, University of California, Santa Barbara
                                  Non-Normal Convection

        11:15 AM   Visweswaran Nageswaran, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
                                    Parametric Instability of Internal Waves with Rotation