2003 Lecture Series Schedule


Non-Newtonian Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

June 16 - August 22, 2003

Monday, June 16
      10:00 AM     John Hinch, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
                                  Phenomena and Rheometry 

        2:00 PM      John Hinch
                                 Constitutive Equations


 Tuesday, June 17
       10:00 AM    John Hinch
                                  Simple Flow Calculations


 Wednesday, June 18
       10:00 AM    John Hinch
                                 Experiments and Computing


         3:00 PM    John Hinch
                           Microstructural Studies for Rheology


 Thursday, June 19
       10:00 AM    John Hinch
                                  Simple Relaxation and Yield Problems


         3:00 PM    John Hinch


 Friday, June 20
       10:00 AM    John Hinch
                                  Strong Flows


         3:00 PM    John Hinch
                                 The Success and Failure of Oldroyd-B (inc converging flows)


 Monday, June 23
       10:30 AM    Jean-Luc Thiffeault, Imperial College, U.K.
                                  Turbulent Polymers


         2:00 PM    John A. Whitehead
                                  Discrete Jumps and Oscillations in Temperature - Salinity Driven Laboratory Experiments


 Tuesday, June 24
       10:30 AM    John Wettlaufer, Yale University
                                  Flow of Unfrozen Water


         3:00 PM    P. O. Seminar, Clark 3
                                  No Speaker Scheduled


 Wednesday, June 25
       10:30 AM    Linda Smolka, Duke University
                                  Filament Dynamics of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Extensional Flows


         3:00 PM    Phil Morrison, University of Texas, Austin
                                  Fluctuations in Inhomogeneous Systems using Statistical Mechanics


         5:30 PM    Project Discussions




 Thursday, June 26
       10:30 AM    Oliver Buhler, New York University
                                  Vortices in a Tea Cup    




Friday, June 27
       10:30 AM    Claudia Cenedese, WHOI
                                 A Laboratory Model of Thermocline Depth and Exchange Fluxes across Circumpolar Front


Monday, June 30
       10:30 AM    Daniel Joseph, University of Minnesota
                                  Non-Newtonian Fluids I


         3:00 PM    Daniel Joseph
                                  Videos and Demonstrations


 Tuesday, July 1
       10:30 AM    Daniel Joseph
                                  Non-Newtonian Fluids II


         3:00 PM   NO LECTURE


 Wednesday, July 2
       10:30 AM    Norman Lebovitz, University of Chicago
                                  Fission Theory Primed


          3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


Thursday, July 3
       10:30 AM     Joseph B. Keller, Stanford University
                                  Water Waves


         3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Friday, July 4
       10:30 AM    
                                  NO LECTURE - DUE TO INDEPENDENCE DAY HOLIDAY   


Monday, July 7
       10:30 AM    Slava Solomatov, New Mexico State University
                                  Mantle Convection with Realistic Rheologies


         3:00 PM    Andrew Fowler, Oxford University
                                 Ice Flows


 Tuesday, July 8
       10:30 AM    L. Mahadevan, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
                                  The Pseudo-Elasticity of Newtonian Fluids


         3:00 PM   NO LECTURE


 Wednesday, July 9
       10:30 AM    Gregory Buck, Saint Anselm College
                                  Natural Entanglements: Geometry, Topology and a Phase


           3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Thursday, July 10
       10:30 AM    Greg Hirth. Geology & Geophysics Department, WHOI
                                  Non-Newtonian Viscous Deformation of the Earth's Mantle


         3:00 PM     Ross Griffiths, Australian National University
                                  Solidification in Shear Flows


 Friday, July 11
       10:30 AM   Alan Rempel, Yale University
                                  Freezing Dirt: The Fluid Mechanics of Frost Heave


        3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Monday, July 14
       10:30 AM    Amala Mahadevan, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
                                 Spatial Heterogeneity at the Sea Surface


        3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Tuesday, July 15
       10:30 AM    
                                 Informal Discussion: Horizontal Convection--turbulent or non-turbulent?


        3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Wednesday, July 16
       10:30 AM   Jean-Luc Thiffeault, Imperial College
                                  Mixing in a Simple Map


        3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Thursday, July 17
       10:30 AM    Oliver Buhler, New York University
                                  Wave Scattering and Remote Recoil


        3:00 PM    Ed Speigel, Columbia University
                                  The Content of Shape


 Friday, July 18
       10:30 AM    NO LECTURE


        3:00 PM    John Bush, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  Water Walking Insects


 Monday, July 21
       10:30 AM    Charles Doering, University of Michigan
                                  The Stochastic Fisher-Kolmogorov-Petrovsky-Piscanov Equation, Interacting Particles and Duality


        3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


Tuesday, July 22
       10:30 AM    Alexander Soloviev, NOVA Southeastern University
                                  Horizontal Mixing in the Western Pacific Warm Pool as a Nonlinear Diffusion Process


        3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Wednesday, July 23
       10:30 AM    Misha Chertkov, Los Alamos National Laboratory
                                  Phenomenology of Rayleigh Taylor Turbulence


        3:00 PM    Dr. Stephen Wolfram, H. Burr Steinbach Scholar
                                  A New Kind of Science - Redfield Auditorium


 Thursday, July 24


       10:30 AM   Steve Childress, New York University
                                  Experiments on Flapping Flight as a Symmetry Breaking Bifurcation


        3:00 PM     Jennifer MacKinnon, University of California, San Diego
                                 Missing Mixing or Missing Physics: the Nonlinear Evolution of Internal Gravity Waves over Rough Topography


 Friday, July 25
       10:30 AM   Andrew Belmonte, Penn State University
                                 Introduction to the Dynamics of Wormlike Micellar Fluids


        3:00 PM    Andrew Belmonte
                                  Instabilities of Viscoelastic Free Surfaces


Monday, July 28
       10:30 AM   Ian Frigaard, University of British Columbia
                                 Viscoplastic Fluids


        3:00 PM    Amy Shen, Washington University
                                 Coating Dynamics with Complex Fluids


Tuesday, July 29
       10:30 AM    Ian Frigaard, University of British Columbia
                                  Stability of Multi-Layer Viscoplastic Flows


        3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Wednesday, July 30
       10:30 AM    Pascale Garaud, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
                                  Dusty Accretion Disks


        3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Thursday, July 31
       10:30 AM    Chiang Mei, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  Slow Flows of Mud Down a Channel or a Conical Surface


        3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Friday, August 1
       10:30 AM    Joe Pedlosky, Physical Oceanographic Dept, WHOI
                                  Rossby Basin Modes and Their Instabilities


        3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Monday, August 4
       10:30 AM   Colm-cille Caulfied, Univ. of California, San Diego
                                  The Consequences of Stress: Rigorous Bounds for Environmental Flows


        3:00 PM    Antonello Provenzale, Instituto de Cosmogeofisica
                                  Patterns of Blown Sand


Tuesday, August 5
       10:30 AM   George Field, Harvard University
                                  Dynamo Theory and Magnetic Helicity


        3:00 PM    NO LECTURE


 Wednesday, August 6
       10:30 AM    Gordon Ogilvie, University of Cambridge
                                  The Visco-Elastic/MHD Connection


         3:00 PM    Andrew Woods, University of Cambridge
                                  Gravity Currents in Porous Media


 Thursday, August 7
       10:30 AM    Yoel Forterre, Universite de Provence, France
                                  Long-surface Wave Instability in Dry Granular Flows


        3:00 PM    Shreyas Mandre, University of California, Santa Cruz
                                  Dynamics of Roll Waves


 Friday, August 8
       10:30 AM    Richard Craster, Imperial College, United Kingdom
                                  Evolving and Cooling Domes of Lava


        3:00 PM    George Haller, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  Kinematic Theory of Unsteady Separation


 Monday, August 11
       10:30 AM    NO LECTURE


         3:00 PM     NO LECTURE


 Tuesday, August 12
       10:30 AM    NO LECTURE


         3:00 PM     NO LECTURE


 Wednesday, August 13
       10:30 AM    NO LECTURE


        3:00 PM     TBA


 Thursday, August 14
        5:00 PM     Andrew Woods, BP Professor, University of Cambridge
                                  Volcano Mechanics - a public lecture at Redfield Auditorum, reception to follow


 Friday, August 15
       10:30 AM    NO LECTURE


         3:00 PM     NO LECTURE


 Monday, August 18
       10:30 AM    NO LECTURE


         3:00 PM     NO LECTURE


 Tuesday, August 19 PROJECT TALKS
       10:30 AM    Christopher Wolfe, Oregon State University
                                  Eddy Formation over Variable Topography


          2:00 PM     Andrew Thompson, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
                                 Diffusively Driven Overturning from a Stable Density Gradient


         3:15 PM      Amit Apte, University of Texas at Austin
                                  Wave-Mean-Flow Interaction in Oldroyd-B Fluid


 Wednesday, August 20
         10:00 AM     Anshuman Roy, University of Michigan
                                  Viscoelastic Catenary


       11:15 AM     Neil Burrell, University of Colorado-Boulder
                                   1 3/4 Layer Quasigeostrophic Equations


          2:15 PM     Julia Mullarney, Research School of Earth Sciences
                                   Laboratory Experiments on Non-linear Rossby Adjustment in a Channel


           3:30 PM    Alison Rust, University of Oregon
                                  Volcanic Tremor


 Thursday, August 21
       10:00 AM    Junjun Liu, California Institute of Technology
                                  Stability of Viscoplastic Flow


        11:15 AM   Joel Miller, Cambridge University
                                    Elastic Critical Layers


 Friday, August 22
       10:30 AM    NO LECTURE

          3:00 PM     NO LECTURE