2002 Lecture Series Schedule


Bounds on Turbulent Transport

June 17 - August 23, 2002

Monday, June 17

       10:00 AM     Fritz Busse, University of Bayreuth, Germany
                                  Introduction to Hydrodynamic Stability Theory 


Tuesday, June 18
       10:00 AM    Fritz Busse
                                  Applications of Energy Methods and Linear Theory


         3:00 PM    Physical Oceanography Seminar
                                  Location - Clark 507

  Wednesday, June 19

       10:00 AM    Fritz Busse
                                  The Sequence-of-Bifurcations Approach for the Transition to Turbulence


         2:30 PM    Louis Howard, Florida State University/Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  Simple Approaches to Some Bounding Problems


Thursday, June 20
       10:00 AM    Fritz Busse
                                  Upper Bounds for Turbulent Transports


         2:00 PM    Charles Doering, University of Michigan
                                  Bounds on Turbulent Transport: Introduction to the Background Method


Friday, June 21
       10:00 AM    Fritz Busse


         2:00 PM    Peter Constantin, University of Chicago
                                  Bounds for Rotating Fluids

Monday, June 24

       10:00 AM    Colm Caulfield, University of California, San Diego
                                  Bounds on Mixing in Stratified Shear Flows


         2:00 PM    Richard Kerswell, University of Bristol, U.K.
                                  Unification of Variational Approaches

Tuesday, June 25

       10:00 AM    Karl Helfrich, Woods Hole OCeanographic Institution
                                  Rotating Hydraulics and Upstream Basin Circulation


         3:00 PM    Physical Oceanography Seminar
                                  Location - Clark 507

Wednesday, June 26

       10:00 AM    Vitalii A. Sheremet, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
                                  Tilted Rotating Convection: Laboratory Experiments
  on a Centrifuge


         2:00 PM    Willem V.R. Malkus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  Observed Turbulence Averages from Upper Bounds Constrained by Nonlinear and Time Dependent Stability Conditions


Thursday, June 27
       10:00 AM    
                                  NO LECTURE


         2:00 PM    Charles Doering, University of Michigan
                                  Variational Bounds on Energy Dissipation in Body-Forced Flows


Friday, June 28
       10:00 AM    Fritz Busse
                                  Patterns and Phase Turbulence of Centrifugally Driven Convection


Monday, July 1
       10:00 AM    Daniel Joseph, University of Minnesota
                                  Slip Velocity and Lift

Tuesday, July 2

       10:00 AM    Pascale Garaud, University of Cambridge, U.K.
                                  Stellar and Solar Rotation


         3:00 PM    Physical Oceanography Seminar
                                  Location - Clark 507

Wednesday, July 3

       10:00 AM    Thomas Mullin, University of Manchester, U.K.
                                  Experiments on Gluing Bifurcations


Thursday, July 4
       10:00 AM    
                                  NO LECTURE - DUE TO INDEPENDENCE DAY HOLIDAY


Friday, July 5
       10:00 AM    
                                  NO LECTURE


         2:00 PM    Daniel Joseph, University of Minnesota
                                  Viscous Potential Flows and Interfacial Stability Problems


Monday, July 8 - Friday, July 12
        Mini Symposium - Rotating


Monday, July 8
       10:00 AM    Wayne Schubert, Colorado State University
                                  The Role of Moist Convection in the Hadley Circulation and in the Development of Hurricanes


         2:00 PM    Sonya Legg, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
                                  Plumes in Rotating Turbulent Convection


Tuesday, July 9
       10:00 AM    Fritz Busse
                                  Convection in the Rotating Cylindrical Annulus


         1:00 PM    Paul Matthews, University of Nottingham, U.K.
                                  Instabilities of Rolls in Rotating Convection


Wednesday, July 10
       10:00 AM    Emmanuel Dormy, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, FRANCE and Andrew M. Soward, University of Exeter, U.K.
                                  The Onset of Thermal Convection in Rotating Spherical Shells


         1:00 PM    Robert Ecke, Los Alamos National Lab
                                  Rotating Convection Experiments: A Tour through Parameter Space


         3:00 PM    Alexander Soloviev, NOVA Southeastern University
                                  Sharp Frontal Interfaces in the Near-Surface Layer of the Ocean


Thursday, July 11
       10:00 AM    Fritz Busse
                                  Convection in Rotating Spherical Shells and the Dynamo Problem


         2:00 PM     Yuan-Nan Young, Northwestern University
                                  Non-Boussinesq Rotating Convection at Low Prandtl Numbers: Secondary Instability and Penta-Hepta Defect Chaos


Friday, July 12
       10:00 AM    Michael Proctor, University of Cambridge, U.K.
                                  Pulsating Convection Cells at Large Taylor Number in Non-Boussinesq Convection


         2:00 PM     Jean-Luc Thiffeault, Columbia University
                                  The Curvature of Material Lines in Chaotic and Turbulent Flows


Monday, July 15
       10:00 AM    
                                  NO LECTURE

Tuesday, July 16

       10:00 AM    
                                  NO LECTURE

Wednesday, July 17

       10:00 AM    Francesco Paparella, University of Lecce, ITALY
                                  Horizontal Convection and the Anti-Turbulence Theorem


Thursday, July 18
       10:00 AM    Jack Whitehead, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
                                  Laboratory Observations of Multiple Equliibrium, Oscillations, and Dynamic Stabilization of an Unstable Point


Friday, July 19
       10:00 AM    Takamitsu Ito, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  Entropy Production Extremal States for Atmosphere/Climate System


Monday, July 22
       10:00 AM    Stephen Childress, New York University
                                  Flapping Flight as a Bifurcation


Tuesday, July 23
       10:00 AM    Melvin Stern, Florida State University
                                  Doubly Diffusive Intrusions in the Weddell Sea (Antarctica)


Wednesday, July 24
       10:00 AM    Baylor Fox-Kemper, MIT/WHOI Joint Program
                                  Eddies and Friction: Removal of Vorticity in the Wind-Driven Gyre


Thursday, July 25
       10:00 AM    Norman Lebovitz, University of Chicago
                                  The Fission Theory of Binary Star Formation


Friday, July 26
       10:00 AM    Chris Hallstrom, Brown University
                                  Bounds for Rotating Infinte Prandtl Number Convection


Monday, July 29
       10:00 AM    Allen C Kuo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  Residual Analysis and Eddy Flux Parameterization in a Circumpolar Current


Tuesday, July 30
       10:00 AM    Glenn Ierley, University of California, San Diego
                                  Bound to Improve


Wednesday, July 31
       10:00 AM    
                                  NO LECTURE


Thursday, August 1
       10:00 AM    Gösta Walin, University of Goteborg
                                  Baroclinic Currents Losing Buoyancy or; What is Going on in the Northern North Atlantic


Friday, August 2
       10:00 AM    
                                  NO LECTURE


Monday, August 5
       10:00 AM    Jesse Otero, University of Michigan


Tuesday, August 6
       10:00 AM    Nick P. Fofonoff, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
                                  Conversion of Gravitational Potential Energy for Mixing

Wednesday, August 7
       10:00 AM    Joseph B. Keller, Stanford University
                                  Bounds for Slow Flow


         2:00 PM     Glenn Flierl, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  Jovian Jets


Thursday, August 8
       10:00 AM    Edward A. Spiegel, Columbia University
                                  Derivation of Pattern Equations


Friday, August 9
       10:00 AM    Yuri Lvov, Rennsalear Polytechnic Institute
                                  Hamiltonian Formalism and the Garrett-Munk Spectrum of Internal Waves in the Ocean


Monday, August 12 - Friday, August 16
                                  NO LECTURES


Monday, August 19
       10:00 AM    Jennifer Siggers, University of Cambridge, UK
                                  Bounds for Horizontal Convection


       11:00 PM     Radostin Simitev, University of Bayreuth, GERMANY
                                  Inertia Wave Convection in Rotating Spherical Fluid Shells


         2:00 PM     Lu Lu, University of Michigan
                                  Upper Bounds for Convection in an Internally Heated Fluid Layer


Tuesday, August 20
       10:00 AM    Ulrike Riemenschneider, University of Southampton, UK
                                  Ball Release Experiment in a Centrifuge


       11:00 PM     Huiqun Wang, California Institute of Technology
                                  Rearrangement of Annular Rings of High Vorticity


Wednesday, August 21
       10:00 AM    Francois Petrelis, Ecole Normale Superieure de Paris, FRANCE
                                  Bounds in MHD Tubulence I Tearing Models


       11:00 PM     Alexandros Alexakis, University of Chicago
                                  Bounds in MHD Tubulence II Magnetic Couette Flow and Hartmann Flow


         2:00 PM     Tomoki Tozuka, University of Tokyo, JAPAN
                                  On the Cyclic and Oscillatory Covections in a Simplified Box Model With Entrainment


Thursday, August 22
       10:00 AM    Evstati Evstatiev, The University of Texas, Austin
                                  Boundary Layer Theory for the Fixed Heat Flux Problem


       11:00 PM     Stephen Plasting, University of Bristol, UK
                                  Infinite Prandtl Number Convection: Bound to Disprove


Friday, August 23
                            Fellows' Reports Due