2001 Lecture Series Schedule


Conceptual Models in Climate Dynamics

June 20 - August 24, 2001

Monday, June 18 - Wednesday, June 20

        10:00 AM     Eli Tziperman, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
                                  El Nino-Southern Oscillations:  
  • A brief description of the phenomenology
  • A brief equatorial dynamics background
  • Delayed oscillator
  • Fast SST, fast wave, mixed mode ENSO regimes
  • Re-charge oscillator
  • Optimal modes (non-normal instability)
  • ENSO as self-sustained vs stochastically forced
  • ENSO's irregularity: noise or low order chaos on ENSO's phase locking to the seasonal cycle.

Preliminary notes for Eli Tziperman's lectures can be found at: http://www.weizmann.ac.il/home/eli/reprints/GFD_course_notes.pdf

Thursday, June 21 - Friday, June 22
        10:00 AM     Paola Cessi, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
                                  THC variability: 

  • A brief description of the phenomenology
  • Mean circulation: 
    • Stommel-Aaron model of the abyssal circulation
  • The competing effect of heat and salt:
  • Stommel box model
  • multiple steady states, bifurcations
  • role of Southern Ocean in driving North Atlantic THC
  • Variability: 
    • Stochastically forced red noise (Hasselmann)
    • jumps between steady states
    • oscillatory behavior, Welander's salt oscillators
    • global versus local bifurcations
    • self-sustained Vs stochastically force  

Preliminary notes for Paola Cessi's lectures can be found at: Lecture 01; Lecture 02; Lecture 03; Lecture 04; Lecture 05

Thursday, June 21
        2:15 PM     Thierry Huck, Universite de Bretagne Occidentale
                                  Interdecadal Variability of the Thermohaline Circulation 

Monday, June 25 - Tuesday, June 26
        10:00 AM     Raymond Pierrehumbert, University of Chicago
                                  Basic Principles of Climate: 

  • A brief description of the phenomenology
  • Radiative-convective models, and principles of energy balance
  • Basic models with meridional heat transport: 
    • energy balance models. Basic features. Their uses and their limitations
    • tropical heat transport. Uniform temperature models. "Radiator Fin" concept. Held/Hou Hadley cell ideas (most basic aspects only)
    • heat,PV moisture transport in the midlatitude baroclinic regime
  • Thermal Inertia (land vs. ocean. Dense atmosphere vs. tenuous) 

Click here for a more detailed outline of Raymond Pierrehumbert's lectures. 

Monday, June 25
        2:15 PM     Tapio Schneider, New York University
                                  Baroclinic Eddies in the Climate of the Extra-Tropics 

Wednesday, June 27 - Thursday, June 28
        10:00 AM     Eli Tziperman, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
                                  Glacial-interglacial variability: 

  • A brief description of the phenomenology
  • Ice albedo feedback
  • Ice sheet dynamics
  • Milankovitch forcing
  • Toy models for 100kyr oscillations: 
    • isostatic adjustment
    • dust-loading feedback
    • nonlinear frequency transfer
    • "earth-system" Saltzman-style models
    • sea-ice switch mechanism
  • Nonlinear phase locking to Milankovitch
  • Biogeochemical toy models for glacial CO2 variability 

Preliminary notes for Eli Tziperman's lectures can be found at: http://www.weizmann.ac.il/home/Eli/reprints/GFD_course_notes.pdf

Friday, June 29
        10:00 AM     Raymond Pierrehumbert, University of Chicago
                                  Early Earth:

  • A brief review of the phenomenology 
    • Cretaceous/Eocene hothouse
    • Neo-Proterozoic Snowball
  • Ocean heat transport and the enigma of hothouse climates
  • Theories of initiation and termination of NeoProterozoic Snowball
  • What happens to the Earth as the Sun continues to warm? 
                Climate of the planets, and Fate of the Earth: 
  • A brief description of the phenomenology
  • Earth/Mars/Venus/Titan
  • Runaway greenhouse. Ultimate fate of the Earth.
  • Runaway icehouse
  • Early Mars. CO2 clouds. Glacier Dynamic Feedbacks
  • Hadley Cell and Ekman transport effects on Early mars
  • Exotic approaches (Lorenz work on entropy model of Titan 

Click here for a more detailed outline of Raymond Pierrehumbert's lectures. 

Monday, July 2
       10:30 AM    Geoffrey K. Vallis, Princeton University
                                  Generalized 2D Turbulence and Turbulent Diffusion

           2:30 PM    William K. Dewar, Florida State University
                                  Ocean Dynamics in Mid-Latitude Climate 

Tuesday, July 3
       10:30 AM    Igor Mezic, University of California, Santa Barbara
                                  Comparison of Complex Systems 

Wednesday, July 4
                       HOLIDAY - No Lecture

Thursday, July 5
       10:30 AM    Vinicio Pelino, Centro Nazionale Di Meteorologia E Climatologia Aeronautica (CNMCA), Italy
                                  Symplectic Dissipation and the Lorenz-84 Climate Model

Friday, July 6
       10:30 AM    Paul Dellar, St. John's College, United Kingdom
                                  Lattice Kinetic Simulations of Magnetic Reconnection          

       2:30 PM
    Edward A. Speigel, Columbia University

Monday, July 9
       10:30 AM    Rui Xin Huang, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution                                                                       Structure of the Thermocline and Climate Variability 

Tuesday, July 10
       10:30 AM    Wayne Schubert, Colorado State University
                                  Equatorial B-Plane Theory

Wednesday, July 11
       10:30 AM    Canceled Due to Severe Weather 

Thursday, July 12
       10:00 AM    Russell Donelly, University of Oregon
                                  The Use of Cryogenic Helium in Fluid Dynamics

        11:00 AM    Joseph Niemela, University of Oregon
                                 Organized Convection at Very High Rayleigh Numbers

Friday, July 13
       10:30 AM    Yochanan Kushnir, Columbia University
                                  The Response of the Atmosphere to SST Anomalies: What Have We Learned from GCMs?

          2:30 PM    Henk Dijkstra, Utrecht University
                                Internal Variability of the Wind-Driven Ocean Circulation

 Monday, July 16
       10:30 AM    Joseph Keller, Stanford University
                                  Elements of Radiative Transport Theory

          3:30 PM   Gregory Buck, Saint Anselm College
                                  Tortuous Tales of Topology 

Tuesday, July 17
       10:30 AM    Thomas Haine, Johns Hopkins University
                                  Mechanisms of North Atlantic Wintertime SST Anomalies 

Wednesday, July 18
       10:30 AM    Jeffrey Weiss, University of Colorado
                                  Fokker-Planck View of Stochastic Dynamical Systems

  Thursday, July 19
       10:30 AM    Arnaud Czaja, Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                                      An Energy Balance View of the NAO 

Friday, July 20
       10:30 AM    Jack Whitehead, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
                                  Multiple Equilibrium Experiments          

Monday, July 23
       10:30 AM    Michael Allison, Goddard Institute for Space Studies, NASA
                                  Conceptual Models of Extra-Terrestrial Climates: M, PV and MEP
Tuesday, July 24
       10:30 AM    David Battisti, University of Washington
                                  Is the Gulf Stream Responsible for Europe's Mild Winters?

Wednesday, July 25
       10:30 AM    Charles Doering, University of Michigan
                                  Energy Dissipation in Body Forced Turbulence

Thursday, July 26
       10:30 AM    David Marshall, University of Reading, UK
                                 On the Response of the Atlantic to Thermohaline Variability

Friday, July 27
         3:30 PM    Antonello Provenzale, Istituto di Cosmogeofisica, Italy
                                  Patterns of Dirt  (talk followed by a BBQ)

Monday, July 30
                          No Lecture

  Tuesday, July 31
      10:30 AM    Melvin Stern, Florida State University
                           Karl Helfrich, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution                                                                      Propagation of Finite Amplitude Potential Vorticity Front Along the Boundry of a Rotating and Stratified Fluid 

Wednesday, August 1
       10:30 AM    Christopher Jones, Brown University
                                  Smarter Drifter Launch Strategies

Thursday, August 2
      10:30 AM    Kerry Emanuel, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
                                  A Simple Model of Multiple Stable Climate Regimes 

        2:30 PM    Kevin Trenberth, National Center for Atmospheric Research
                                  Interannual Variability of the Heat Budget

Friday, August 3
       10:30 AM    Kevin Trenberth, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Monday, August 6
                           No Lecture

Tuesday, August 7
       10:30 AM    Leonard Smith, London School of Economics, UK
                                  Indistiguishable States: Stochastic Implications of Imperfect Climate Models

 Wednesday, August 8

       10:30 AM    Annalisa Bracco, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
                                  Mesoscale Turbulence and Plankton Dynamics

Thursday, August 9
       10:30 AM    Alan W. Rempel, University of Washington
                                  Displacing Climate Signals in Ancient Ice by Pre-Melting and Anomalous Diffusion

         2:30 PM    Louis Howard, Florida State University/Massachusetts Institute of Technology

                                  Video Presentation

Friday, August 10
         10:30 AM    John Marshall, Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                                  A Simple Model of the Thermohaline Circulation in the Southern Ocean 

       3:30 PM    Alexey V. Fedorov, Princeton University
                                  The Energetics of ENSO Implicationd for El Nino Prediction

Monday, August 13 - Monday, August 20

                           No Lectures

Tuesday, August 21

         10:00 AM    Matthew Spydell, University of California, San Diego
                                  Diagnosing El Niño - La Niña Transitions

         11:05 AM    Fiona Eccles, Oxford University, UK
                                  Nonlinear Mechanism Determining ENSO Period           

           2:15 PM
    Chiara Toniolo, University of Genova, ITALY
                                  Slipping Instability in a System of Two Superposed Fluid Layers

          3:20 PM    Shreyas Mandre, Northwestern University
                                  Roll Waves With Bumpy Bottom

Wednesday, August 22
       10:00 AM    Lianke Te Raa, Utrecht University, THE NETHERLANDS
                                  Convective Oscillations in a Laboratory Model 

       11:05 AM    Helén Andersson, Goteborg University, SWEEDEN
                                  Abyssal Flow in the Presence of Sloping Boundaries and Mid-Basin Ridge

            2:15 PM    Takamitsu Ito, Massachusetts Institute of Technology                                                                      The Black Hole of Water Vapor and Asymmetries in the Tropical Circulation 

         3:20 PM    Edwin Gerber, Princeton University
                                  Black Holes of Water Vapor II - Time Evolution and Limitations of the Theory