1999 Lecture Series Schedule


June 21 - June 25 - 10:00 am - noon
Topics in Stirring and Mixing
William R. Young
Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego

All lectures are held at Walsh Cottage, unless otherwise noted.

 Monday,June 21  Eddy Diffusivity --- Single Particle Statistics
Tuesday,June 22  Lyapunov Exponents ---- Two-Particle Statistics
Wednesday, June 23 Shear Dispersion And Density Driven Flows
Thursday, June 24 Correlation Functions And Type I Anomalous Diffusion
 Friday, June 25 @ 10:30 by Bruce Morton

2:30 pm

Jets Deflected in Cross-Flow as Event Mixing

Project Discussions

Monday, June 28 @ 10:00 am by Ray Pierre-Humbert

2:30 pm

The Batchelor Spectrum and Tracer Cascades

Project Discussions

Tuesday, June 29 Gradient Expulsion And Type II Anomalous Diffusion
Wednesday, June 30  The Multi-Scale Method I: Passive Scalars
Thursday, July 1 The Multi-Scale Method II: Vorticity
Friday, July 2 Two-Dimensional Turbulence And Vortices
Tuesday, July 6 @ 10:30am



 Mixing and Stirring and the Overturning Circulation by A. Gnanadesikan

 Looking for the Universal Statistics of a Passive Tracer in the Lower Stratosphere: Probability Distribution Functions of Tracer Concentration, Gradients, and Increments by Yongyun Hu

 Wednesday, July 7 @ 10:30am Three-vortex Motion and Two-dimensional Turbulence by Hassan Aref
 Thursday, July 8 @ 10:30am


Mesoscale Turbulence and Ocean Biology by Glenn Flierl

A Dissipation Integral with Application to Ocean Diffusivities and Structure by Edwin Schneider

 Friday, July 9 @ 10:30am The Role of Mixed Layer Entrainment in Water Mass Formation by Amit Tandon

July 12-16, Mini Symposium on Ocean Mixing
 Monday, July 12 @ 10:00-12:00

Redfield Auditorium

Mixing in the Ocean Interior, John Toole, WHOI
Redfield Auditorium @ 14:00-15:00 Tracer Studies of Ocean Mixing, James Ledwell, WHOI
Tuesday, July 13 9:30-11:30

Clark Rm. 507

The Moon and Mixing, Walter Munk, Scripps Institution of
Oceanography, Univ. of Calif. at San Diego 
15:00-16:00 @ Clark Rm. 507

Physical Oceanography Department Seminar

Parameterizing the
Effects of Eddies and of Limited Horizontal Resolution in Ocean GCMs: the Horizontal and Temporal-Residual-Mean Circulation, Trevor McDougall, CISRO, AUSTRALIA
Wednesday, July 14
10:00-12:00 @ Redfield Auditorium
Marginal Mixing Ideas, Chris Garrett, University of Victoria, CANADA
 14:00-15:00 @ Redfield Auditorium A Rough Recipe for Mixing, Kurt Polzin, WHOI
Thursday, July 15 10:30-11:30 @  Redfield Auditorium Evidence for Potential Vorticity Finestructure and its Role in
Horizontal Mixing, Eric Kunze, University of Washington
14:00-15:00 @ Redfield Auditorium Secrets of Double Diffusion, Ray Schmitt, WHOI
Friday, July 16 

10:30-11:30 @ Redfield Auditorium

The Neglect of Two Dimensional Double-Diffusive Processes in Studies of Ocean Circulation, J. Stewart Turner, Australian National University, AUSTRALIA
14:00-15:00 @ Redfield Auditorium Consequences of the Nonlinear Nature of the Equation of State, Trevor McDougall, CSIRO Marine Research, AUSTRALIA
Monday, July 19 @ 10:30 am Flow in Random Porous Media by J.B. Keller 
Tuesday, July 20 @ 10:30am Can we learn from OGCMs? Speaker: E. Cassignet
Wednesday, July 21 @ 10:30am The Interactions of Shear and Diffusion in the Mixing of Passive Scalars and Vorticity by A. Bernoff 
Thursday, July 22 @ 10:30am

@ 2:00pm

Temperature, Salinity and Spice in Convection. Speaker: S. Legg

Vortex Merging in QG Flows. Speaker: J. Von Hardenberg

 Friday, July 23 @ 10:30 am

@ 2:30pm

Nonlinear Gravity-capillary Waves with Surface Forcing and Viscous Dissipation: a Theoretical Model Based on a Viscous Boundary Layer Approximation by A. Fedorov 

Boundary Reynolds Number for Turbulent Plane Couette Flow. Speaker: W. Malkus

Monday, July 26 @ 10:30 am  When Oceans Freeze. Speaker: J. Wetlaufer

Tuesday, July 27 @ 10:30 am
 Lagrangian dynamics and tracer evolution near an unstable jet. Speaker: E. Boss
 Wednesday, July 28 @ 10:30am

2:00 pm

 L. Howard - TBA

R. Ford - TBA

Thursday, July 29 @ 10:30 am

2:00 pm

 Vortex Generation by Line Plumes in a Rotating Stratified Flow. Speaker: J. Bush

Mixing Mechanisms at Gravity Current Fronts. Speaker: J. Parsons

 Friday, July 30 @ 10:30 am  Impure Mixing. Speaker: A. Provenzale
 Monday, August 2 @10:30am  Lagrangian View of Turbulence. Speaker: Chertkov
Tuesday, August 3 @ 10:30 am  Transport, Mixing and chaos in Large-Scale Geophysical Flows. 
Speaker: H. Yong
Wednesday, August 4 @ 10:30 am   C. Deening - TBA
 Thursday, August 5 @ 10:30 am  J. Pedlosky - TBA
 Friday, August 6 @ 10:30 am  Multiple Equilibria Flows. Speaker: J. Whitehead.