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March 31, 2010

Scuba Gear and Origami

A conversation with diving safety officer Terry Rioux
Source: Oceanus Magazine
June 4, 2008

She's Got the Whole Fleet in Her Hands

A conversation with WHOI ship scheduler Liz Caporelli
Source: Oceanus Magazine
May 31, 2007

Of Sons and Ships and Science Cruises

A conversation with Capt. A.D. Colburn of the research vessel Atlantis
Source: Oceanus Magazine
August 3, 2005

'Ever Get Scared in the Sub?' and Other Questions

Interviews with the pilots who take Alvin to the deep
Source: Oceanus Magazine
BLee Williams, former Alvin pilot
August 3, 2005

Life After Alvin

You can't keep former Alvin pilots down on the farm, once they've seen the seafloor
Source: Oceanus Magazine
anthony tarantino
August 3, 2005

What Is the Alvin Training Program Like?

A conversation with former Alvin pilot Anthony Tarantino
Source: Oceanus Magazine
George Silva, captain
January 15, 2000

Captain George Silva

The captain, or Master, of a ship is responsible for the safety of all the people and smooth running of the ship while we are out at sea. George Silva is 44 years old and is the Captain of RV Atlantis for this expedition. He lives on Cape Cod with his wife Lisa and his four children; Dennis, 18, Michael, 15, Corinne 13, and Mariah, 6.

Carl Wood
June 1, 2003

Chief Steward Carl Wood

Carl Wood has spent 15 years running the “hotel” services on RV Atlantis, and doing a lot more.

June 10, 2003

Able Seaman Ed "Catfish" Popowitz

Catfish gets ready to launch the Avon over the starboard side of Atlantis.

Bosun Wayne Bailey
May 25, 2005

Bosun Wayne Bailey

Wayne is in charge of all deck activities on R/V Atlantis. He oversees the movement of heavy equipment on the deck, and uses a variety of hand signals to communicate clearly when crewmembers using the crane can’t hear his voice.

Adam Seamans
May 29, 2004

Third Mate Adam Seamans

hird Mate Adam Seamans didn’t let seasickness, storms, or a broken mast end a 15,000-nautical mile, solo sailing voyage around the Atlantic Ocean last year, during which he celebrated his 26th birthday. A few weeks before the Juan de Fuca Ridge expedition, he returned to work on research vessels at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Patrick Hickey
June 5, 2004

Expedition Leader J. Patrick Hickey

Expedition leader Pat Hickey has been to the seafloor more than 540 times in his 16-year career as pilot of the research submersible Alvin. He is one of two pilots on this expedition, and he is training four other sub pilots.

Mitzi Crane
February 2, 2000

First Mate Mitzi Crane

Mitzi Crane has been working at Woods Hole Oceanographic since April of 1999. Besides being the second-in-command of R/V Atlantis and in charge of it's daily operations for part of each day, Mitzi is also responsible for crew training, deck maintenance, and any medical attention that is needed.