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From Oceanus Magazine

On (and Below) the Waterfront

New York’s expanded port caused unseen changes in Newark Bay

The Living Breathing Ocean

Can ‘ocean elevators’ carry excess carbon to the deep?

Mysteries of the Red Sea

This largely unexplored sea has features found nowhere else

A Lobster Trap for Microbes

3-D-printed device reveals the chemicals that attract microbes

Searching for ‘Super Reefs’

Corals are threatened by changing ocean conditions

MIT-WHOI Joint Program Marks 50th Year

Unorthodox partnership remains an educational ‘jewel’

The Current that Feeds the Galápagos

Gliders reveal path of a mammoth ‘river’ in the Pacific Ocean

Journey to the Bottom of the Sea

Searching for ingredients that may have sparked life on Earth

Can We Improve Monsoon Forecasts?

The ocean may be a key missing link